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R & B
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Embracing all black music except classical music and religious music
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"acoustic music" is coined after the advent of electric instruments, such as the electric guitar Hammond organ and the synthesizer
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African American Music, Christian Hymns
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America's music, offering a window on the sweet dreams and cruel disappointments of the ordinary American ...
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From Be-Bop to Hip- Hop
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From blues music came great artists, such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Bessie Smith and others. There is the influence of hollers, calls, and the changes that occurred in the lives of blacks. It combined the styles of the past with a new type of song.
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Folk songs are commonly seen as songs that express something about a way of life that exists now or in the past or is about to disappear
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A merger of gospel-charged singing, secular subject matter, and funk rhythms
Classic Rock
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Classic Rockers from Sugarloaf, Blues Image, Iron Butterfly, Rare Earth and Cannibal and the Headhunters have joined together to form a group.
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A sub-genre of contemporary popular music that typically has a dance-along and happy rhythm or beat, simple melodies and a repeating “hook”.