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What happens if you have a big turkey to roast. Advert for Jenny-O Oven Ready Turkey just in time for Thanksgiving. Turkey is giant bird native to North America according to Wikipedia
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Scarecrow gag fools innocent bystanders. A scarecrow is an object in the shape of a person dressed in old clothes set up in a field to scare birds away from the crops according to Encarta.
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The thief comes into the house. Seemowedieb vor Katze. Ladro del gabbiano davanti al gatto. Ladrao da gaivota na frente do gato. Ladron de la gaviota delante del gato. Grace a BabelFish.
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-Bend over let me see ya shake your tailfeather- with this parrot and Ray Charles...
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Hampshire Fire Brigade hosts this windup gag modeled after British equivalent of Navy Blue Angels or USAF Thunderbirds making Monty Python proud. Like Swiss PC-7 German Vikings or Indian Suryakirans or Yugaslov Flying Stars. Or Spanish Aguila Patrulla Acrobatica del Ejercito del Aire Espanol.
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Woodpecker bird fights with snake and who wins. L-oiseau de pivert combat avec le serpent et qui gagne. Spechtvogel kampft mit Schlange und wer gewinnt. El pajaro de la pulsacion de corriente lucha con la serpiente y quien gana. Gracias Merci Danka a Yahoo BabelFish
Added: 3394 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Nephew who lives in South America. Live bird.
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What could be worse than finding a dead bird in your Special K Cereal some morning is the question the film maker asks.
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What kind of arctic animal plays ping-pong the best is answered in this one of a kind Danish or other European video advertizement commercial. Carlsberg Sport. Sport inside.
Added: 3473 days ago by caesarh
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Sonde de residus de merde d-oiseau sur l-automobile. Vogel-Mist-Ruckstande-Sensor auf Automobil. Sensor de las heces de la mierda del pajaro en el automovil. Gracias a la facilidad de la traduccion de Yahoo BabelFish.
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