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Older driver gets in way of emergency jet landing on Los Angeles California 405 freeway also known as the San Diego Freeway found in Los Angeles and Orange Counties
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Southern California Theme Park Secretary SeaWorld San Diego trained orca.
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Rescue from the wreckage. -Jaws of life- and good insurance needed. Seguridad. Like German Autobahns or Motorways of Switzerland or Throughways or Expressways. Hungarian autobiztositasok or autobaum.
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Young humpback whale becomes entangled in fishing nets and fishing gear getting in trouble and needs saving by local heroes like... Volunteers from the local animal showcase -- SeaWorld San Diego La Jolla California USA. Inside Edition. Inside Edition is an American television newsmagazine.
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What can be done with a lit can of WD-40 which probably uses a butane propellant to eject the lubricating oil which catches fire in this scary video. Also slow motion slowmo and maybe no Special Effects... Peut d-huile de graissage eclate. Von kann Schmierol explodiert. Puede del aceite el lubricante estalla. Yahoo BabelFish. Wikipedia sez -- WD-40 stands for -Water Displacement - 40th Attempt-. Norm Larsen attempted to concoct formula to prevent corrosion by displacing water. Successful formula on 40th attempt. Composed of various hydrocarbons. Developed in 1953 by founder of the Rocket Chemical Company San Diego California.
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