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Arme kleine Esel oder Maultier oder Arsch oder Esel schleppen einen Wagen landet in der Luft in Indien. Dank Bing Translator. Arme kleine burro of mule of ezel vervoeren van een kar eindigt in de lucht in India. Pobre poco burro o mula o culo acarreando un carro termina en el aire en la India. Pauvres petit ane ou mule ou cul ou jackass transportant un panier se retrouve dans l-air en Inde. Grace a Bing Translator. Poor little burro or mule or ass or jackass hauling a cart ends up in the air in India. Thanks to Bing Translator.
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Telling time in the country. Silly humourous Italian sketch wind up English subtitles. But how can you tell time that way. By touching the donkey-s balls or nuts or cajones. Come potete dire al tempo nella campagna italiana. Comment vous pouvez dire le temps dans la campagne italienne.
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What kind of car alarm would get our attention these days in an urban setting like Los Angeles -- perhaps an orgasa-alarm. Comedy from the LA-based comedy troupe at
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Silly ass jackass laughs and honks. Making fun of the Demo-s by Pro-Republican propaganda.
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