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Smells like... European football or soccer sports in Spanish. Fox Deportes en Espanol.
Channels Sports Comedy
Added: 3867 days ago by caesarf
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Tries to leave parking area or structure but not lucky... En Espanol salida victoriosa parking desde No puede salir de la estructura del estacionamiento. Victoria or Citta Vittoria is the capital of Gozo, an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The Three Cities is a collective description of the three fortified cities of Cospicua Vittoriosa and Senglea on the Island of Malta.
Added: 3828 days ago by caesarn
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One of the scariest videos of a real scene in war... En Espanol. This is probably not Special Effects.
Added: 3365 days ago by cesara
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SSP Policia Federal de Mexico. Comedia en que el dijo --Pinche Pinche pendejo. No peines pareja. Yo no choque. Me chocaron. Not quite Buster Keaton or Keystone Kops but a few unfortunate incidents by the Mexican police. Humeur de capres de polissons d-accidents de police. Polizeiunfallstreich-Kapriolestimmung. Humor das alcaparras das partidas dos acidentes da policia.
Channels Cars Comedy Crime
Added: 3414 days ago by cesara
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En espanol una demostracion del gay embroma o chiste. Military humor. Don-t Ask Don-t Tell. According to YouTube translated clip from the Monty Python film -And Now For Somthing Completely Different-.
Added: 3368 days ago by cesara
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Sometimes the best beer is a root beer such as suggested by Spanish advert for IBC Root Beer. From in Seville Spain
Added: 3905 days ago by caesarf
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No case por favor a una mujer espanola porque usted puede ser que necesite una cierta ayuda que ponia en un condon... Bitte heiraten Sie nicht eine spanische Frau weil Sie etwas Hilfe benotigen konnten die sich setzt auf ein Kondom... Veuillez ne pas epouser un femme espagnol parce que vous pourriez avoir besoin de l-aide mettant sur un condom... Grace a BabelFish.
Channels Comedy Medical
Added: 3186 days ago by caesarf
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Hampshire Fire Brigade hosts this windup gag modeled after British equivalent of Navy Blue Angels or USAF Thunderbirds making Monty Python proud. Like Swiss PC-7 German Vikings or Indian Suryakirans or Yugaslov Flying Stars. Or Spanish Aguila Patrulla Acrobatica del Ejercito del Aire Espanol.
Channels Sports Comedy Tech
Added: 3481 days ago by cesara
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There is no end to ingenuity for the person who is really addicted to their automobile and Halloween is no exception... Transformers imitation from somewhere in the Spanish speaking world such as Peru Espanol.
Channels Cars Comedy Tech
Added: 3484 days ago by cesara
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Asking for the young woman-s hand in marriage but... Verizon Wireless Commercial in Spanish for 30-day trial of telephone service
Added: 3917 days ago by cesara
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