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Britain-s Got Talent - Charlie Green -- Audition. Eleven year old sings his rendition of a Frank Sinatra song precocious -- -Summer Wind-.
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Sexy candid cam has struck again. Picture learning golfing if the actors were deliberately making it more erotic.
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Robert Howard. Medal of Honor. Most decorated American. Nominated for 3 Medals of Honor from Nixon. Most decorated veteran. Distinguished Medals. Alabama. Green Beret. Special Forces. Visit - or Wikipedia which shows all his awards. Wounded 14 times. 5 tours in Viet Nam. Obama shows up for ceremony...
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American -Bonanza- Lorne Greene Pernell Roberts Michael Landon. Robert Vaughn of -Man from Uncle-. Elizabeth Montgomery and Anges Warhead from -Bewitched-.
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Finding aliens is a major goal of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA Chief Scientist says we will most likely not find little green men. Instead we will most likely find little green microbes -- little green germs... Dr. Ellen Stofan was appointed NASA chief scientist in August 2013 and served until December 2016. She served as principal advisor to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the agency-s science programs and science-related strategic planning and investments. Reported by Rachel Crane at CNN News.
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Las Vegas on the Strip. -Green Sally Up- by Moby. Hurst. Drag racing. Mopar Club Holland.
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Nephew who lives in South America. Live bird.
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Italian composer pianist Ludovico Einaudi plays -Elegy for the Arctic- to protect and set up international wildlife preserve to help protect what we love. And he performed this piece for the first time on the Arctic Ocean in front of a huge glacier -- music echoes across the wilderness. Italiano compositore pianista Ludovico Einaudi Gioca - Elegia per l-Artico - per proteggere e impostare internazionale fauna preservare per proteggere cio che amiamo. E questo pezzo si e esibito per la prima volta davanti a un enorme ghiacciaio -- musica echeggia attraverso il deserto. Pianiste compositeur italien Ludovico Einaudi joue - Elegie pour l-Arctique - pour proteger et mettre en place la faune internationale preserver pour aider a proteger ce que nous aimons. Et il a joue cette piece pour la premiere fois devant un enorme glacier--musique resonne a travers le desert. Italialainen saveltaja-pianisti Ludovico Einaudi Pelaa - Elegia Arctic - suojata ja perustaa kansainvalisen wildlife sailyttaa suojata mita me rakastamme. Ja han esiintyi teos ensi kertaa suuri jaatikko--musiikki heijastaa koko eramaahan. Pianista compositor italiano Ludovico Einaudi juega - elegia para el Artico para proteger vida silvestre internacional preservar para ayudar a proteger lo que amamos. Y realizo esta obra por primera vez delante de un enorme glaciar--musica ecos en el desierto. YouTube Green Peace Spain via Storyful. Arctic North Pole ice shelf is share-owned by U.S.A. Canada and Russia and Norway, Iceland and Denmark - Greenland. Thanks Wikipedia.
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Tooling down the Hungarian autobiztositasok or autobaum in a BMW to the music of -I Am Just Taking My Time-. From musical -Subways Are For Sleeping- by Styne and Comden and Green.
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Ellen Stofan -- NASA Chief Scientist -- states that alien life will be discovered within our lifetime. We are on the verge in finding life on another planet. But not little green men -- just little green microbes... CNN -Inside Edition-
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