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We are expecting a clip on the world famous 3-D movie from David Letterman but SURPRISE. American late night television host and comedian since 1982. From Worldwide Pants and Craig Ferguson including -Everybody Loves Raymond! now in syndication. Windup.
Added: 3418 days ago by cesara
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Satirical commercial based on American Reality TV show called -Survivor- asking which is the most important tool to have when you are stranded on a lush tropical island and one answer might be refreshingly smooth Bud Light. Humourous advert. Show first originated in Sweden and the concept moved to other countries with mixed results except for the American CBS version according to Wikipedia
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Drunkest guy ever demonstrates how -one too many- has become -many too many-. Don-t give that man a drink...
Added: 3078 days ago by caesarg
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It is the idyllic Garden of Eden and everything is wonderful wonderful wundervoll except maybe it might be more like Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve... From Dutch sketch advert for Centraal Beheer insurance Apeldoorn Achmea. Bekijk de nieuwste commercial.
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Added: 3920 days ago by caesarn
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Slightly suggestive humourous Weinerschnitzel advertizement for the world-s most wanted weiner hot dog wurstchen in a co-ed college dorm...
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Added: 3886 days ago by caesarg
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Toyota Corolla AC works on woman in this humourous titillating Toyota advert probably for Portugal or Brazil or Porguese Africa. Ar-condicionado de serie.
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Added: 3932 days ago by caesarf
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Comedian recounts trying interaction with airline when luggage returns - well - quite damaged...
Added: 4180 days ago by caesarh
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To the theme from the movie -Rocky-. -Eye of the Tiger- performed by American rock band Survivor from the album Eye of the Tiger released in 1982 used at the request of Sylvester Stallone for the film -Rocky III- per Wikipedia.
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Humourous mock sci fi
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Added: 4192 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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When a cat gets angry there will be hell to pay. Twee zeer boze katten. Deux chats tres faches. Felines have -discussion- over marital infidelity. Zwei sehr verargerte Katzen. Due gatti molto arrabbiati. Dois gatos muito irritados. Dos gatos muy enojados. Two kitties that are unhappy. Translated by Yahoo BabelFish.
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Added: 3428 days ago by caesarn
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