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Readying for ice skating competition. Surprise at the end of a double axle after warm up routine waltz triple loop in this wind up on water hazard thin ice. Thanks to special effects editing...
Added: 3889 days ago by caesarn
Runtime: 00:23 | Views: 43303 | Comments: 49
Ice scraping funny that is in Europe perhaps Scandanavian countries like Norway or Sweden.
Added: 4150 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 00:43 | Views: 33319 | Comments: 31
British soldiers camp it up to the tune of -Is this the way to Amarillo-. Per Wikipedia On 13 May 2005 another spoof video of the song made by the United Kingdom Royal Dragoon Guards stationed in Iraq was emailed so frequently it crashed a server at the UK Ministry of Defence. The -Peter Kay- character credited as -Lucky Pierre- refer to gay sex.
Added: 4160 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 03:36 | Views: 8121 | Comments: 2
Marine surprises his Ohio family in homecoming from Iraq
Added: 4153 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 02:05 | Views: 5944 | Comments: 1
Segment in airline terminal as troops return probably from Iraq courtesy of Annehauser-Busch patriotic salute.
Channels Military Politics
Added: 4159 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 01:00 | Views: 3931 | Comments: 2
Dancer with nice partner in Spanish
Channels Comedy Dancers
Added: 4149 days ago by caesarh
Runtime: 00:56 | Views: 9268 | Comments: 1
Demonstration by iceskater goes awry using special effects to produce humour...
Added: 3627 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:10 | Views: 19055 | Comments: 3
Man decides NOT to help woman in distress. El hombre quiere ayudar a la mujer en senal de socorro pero predice el futuro y continua montando su caballo. Montavit Mineral Water commercial advert. L-uomo vuole aiutare la donna nell-afflizione ma predice il futuro e continua a montare il suo cavallo. Mann mochte Frau in der Bedrangnis helfen aber sagt die Zukunft voraus und fahrt fort sein Pferd zu reiten. L-homme veut aider la femme dans la detresse mais predit le futur et continue a monter son cheval. Traducion por BabelFish.
Added: 3183 days ago by caesarf
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French police teach dog to attack criminals
Added: 4152 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 01:35 | Views: 3585 | Comments: 1
Man from the West - Montana - to end police chase and shoot out
Channels Cars News Crime
Added: 4148 days ago by caesarh
Runtime: 01:04 | Views: 5714 | Comments: 1
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