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Child decides to make a bit of trouble for her Mum but uh oh... That copper is getting ready to castigate...
Added: 3052 days ago by caesarg
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Humourous police pursuit in the cold.
Added: 3046 days ago by caesarg
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This video demonstrates yet another Driving Under the Influence -- wild and wacky situation...
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It has come to our attention that people are allowing their cellphones to go off during church services or people are texting or ... They could go to hell. Also No shoes -- no shirt -- no service. Thanks to Westminster Presbyterian Church Burbank California USA and Michael J. Cahill.
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Research into the overreaction and lack of uniformed police office discipline. Investigacion en la reaccion exagerada y falta de disciplina de oficina de policias uniformados. Ricerca la reazione eccessiva e la mancanza di disciplina di ufficio di polizia in uniforme. Pesquisas sobre a reacao e a falta de disciplina de escritorio de policia militar. Recherches sur la reaction excessive et le manque de discipline de bureau de police en uniforme. Erforschung der Uberreaktion und mangelnde Disziplin der uniformierten Polizei-Buro. Onderzoek naar de overdreven reactie en gebrek aan geuniformeerde politie bureau discipline. Forskning i overreaktion og manglende ordenspolitiet office disciplin. Bing Translator.
Added: 2311 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Readying for ice skating competition. Surprise at the end of a double axle after warm up routine waltz triple loop in this wind up on water hazard thin ice. Thanks to special effects editing...
Added: 3889 days ago by caesarn
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Series of humourous European commercials. Reeks humoristische Europese reclamespots. Serie de films publicitaires europeens pleins d-humour. Reihe humorvolle europaische Werbungen. Serie de anuncios publicitarios europeus comicos. Blonde Antelope. Duck Mallard. Grande Bretagne 1993. Benton Kronen Light. Bacardi. Power League. Office Oficina. Ford Sportka eviltwin.
Added: 3635 days ago by caesarf
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El video segundo del SWAT de Mejico. Los Guido Desamparados de Sector 3 esta manana.
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Added: 3415 days ago by cesara
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Harsh castigation in Southeast Asian such as Singapore or Indonesia or Malaysia. The criminal charges were not revealed. Punition corporelle dure en Asie du Sud-Est. Raue korperliche Bestrafung in Sudostasien. Punizione materiale dura in Asia Sud-Orientale. Punicao material aspera em 3Sudeste Asiatico. Castigo corpreo aspero en Asia Sur-Oriental. Traduccion de Yahoo Babelfish.
Channels News Medical Crime
Added: 3448 days ago by cesara
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Mexican S.W.A.T or Special Weapons And Tactics Equipo de Mejico
Channels Cars Crime
Added: 3415 days ago by cesara
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