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Take your common everyday lawnmower and add a little extra... More than for groundskeeping... Tondeuse a gazon de vol d-aviation. Luftfahrtflug-Rasenmaher. Cortacespedes de cesped del vuelo de la aviacion.
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Kenny Powers attempts one-mile super jump across the St. Lawerence River from Canada to the U.S.
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Spoof gag prank on lazy men going through mock military maneuvers drills exercises. Drill Team For Retired Guys complete with lawnchairs and goofy outfits including tee shirts and walking shorts.
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Silly video of newlyweds. Husband decides to tease wife after a great invigorating shower but they are interrupted by mother-in-law... Dwaze video van een enkel gehuwd paar. De echtgenoot plaagt vrouw na een goede douche maar zij worden onderbroken door schoonmoede... Friesche Vlag is the oldest brand of dairy products in the Netherlands. Used in capuccinos lattes espressos and for Art Coffee Drawing Rosetta Latte Art.
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Anti-immigration spiel from outspoken conservative. Dobbs is strongly opposed to illegal immigrants the H-1B visa program and guest worker programs. Along with this he has been a critic of what he regards as the Mexican government-s unwillingness to change its laws to help the poor and of church leaders in Mexico for not criticizing the Mexican government-s policies.
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La-Z-Boy furniture -- with all the amenities and we mean ALL the amenties.
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Rowan Atkinson is the devil and he is welcoming new souls in Hell. And in this clip he gives everyone hell -- Fornicators. Murderers. Looters. Lawyers. Adulterers. French. Atheists. German. Christians. Jews.
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Best power tool around with even more power. Demonstration d-une vraie machine-outil. Demonstration eines realen Energienwerkzeugs. Dimostrazione di un attrezzo a motore reale. Demonstracao de uma ferramenta de poder real. Demostracion de una herramienta electrica verdadera.
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This surprising video clip shows how another nearby country deals with illegal aliens but it sounds very harsh.
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Scary video illustrating law of the jungle about eating or being eaten. Shows an ape child who barely escapes being alligator lunch...
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