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United States USA Tea Party Conservative may be racist. Huffington Post. Hispanic. Blood lines. Hate Mexicans. Race purity.
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Iraqi wedding party demonstrates lack of gun safety in this ruined fiesta. From
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Bob Hope stars in this black and white sketch bashing a certain American political party and its politicians...
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Il peut etre le plus intelligent mais vilain homme lors de la fete de mariage ou de mariage. Hij kan de slimste maar ondeugendste man op de bruiloft of huwelijk partij. El puede ser el hombre mas inteligente pero revoltosos en la fiesta de boda o matrimonio. Er kann den intelligentesten aber frechste Mann bei der Hochzeit oder Ehe-Party sein. Ubersetzt von Bing Translator. He may be the smartest but naughtiest man at the wedding or marriage party. Translated by Bing Translator.
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Les elephants de bebe ont un amusement peu de partie de piscine. Grace a Yahoo BabelFish. Babyelefanten haben einen SpaB wenig Lache-Partei. Dank Yahoo BabelFish. Los elefantes del bebe se divierten poco partido de piscina. Gracias a Yahoo BabelFish. Baby elephants have a fun little pool party. Thanks to Yahoo BabelFish.
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Vigorously conservative Tea Party makes a case against separating Christian religion and the State U.S. government. From -The Price of Freedom- by Rob Gardner
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Anti-immigration spiel from outspoken very conservative radio announcer personality. Sometimes accused of being the leader of the Republican GOP party. But for a time he was unable to dodge controversy about prescription drug use - addiction and making fun of Michael J. Fox.
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Los perros bien entrenados saben su cerveza. I cani ben preparati conoscono la loro birra. Os caes bem treinados sabem sua cerveja. Gut ausgebildete Hunde kennen ihr Bier. Les chiens bien entraines connaissent leur biere. De goedgetrainde honden kennen hun bier. Yahoo BabelFish.
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