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Trying to understand how a woman is able to be who she is -- including being uncomfortable at times -- and yet not have a stereotypical -bit face- when honestly not trying to look accepting and loving all the time. Woman independent.
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We all get ready to eat -- but we will be sharing food eating family style. One good invention for making that happen...
Channels Comedy Business
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Deutsche Tabellenwege. Deutsche Tabelle erweitert. Amazing mechanical German wooden round table walks and expands. De verbazende Duitse bijeenkomst loopt en breidt zich uit. La table ronde allemande etonnante marche et augmente. Traduction par Yahoo BabelFish. La tavola rotonda tedesca stupefacente cammina e si espande. A mesa redonda alemao surpreendente anda e expande. La mesa redonda alemana asombrosa camina y se amplia.
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Who krijgt om eerst van de het drinken fontein te drinken. Qui obtient de boire d-abord du poste d-eau potable. Wer erhalt zuerst vom Trinkbrunnen zu trinken. Chi ottiene di bere in primo luogo dalla fontana bevente. Grazie di traduzione a Yahoo BabelFish... Quem consegue beber primeiramente da fonte bebendo. Quien consigue beber primero de la fuente de consumicion.
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Demostracion de la barra de la nueva tecnologia de las comunicaciones -- Telefono celular de Nokia en cuerpo. Demonstracao da barra da tecnologia das comunicacoes nova -- Telefone de pilha de Nokia no corpo. Dimostrazione della barra di nuova tecnologia delle comunicazioni -- Telefono delle cellule di Nokia nel corpo. Stabdemonstration der neuen Kommunikationstechnologie -- Nokia-Handy im Korper. Demonstration de barre de nouvelle technologie des communications -- Telephone portable de Nokia dans le corps. De demonstratie van de bar van nieuwe communicatie technologie -- De celtelefoon van Nokia in lichaam. Danke Yahoo BabelFish.
Channels Comedy Tech
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Cellphone has unique ringtone like flatulence. El telefono movil tiene ringtone unico como flatulencia. Mobiltelefon hat einzigartiges ringtone wie Blahung. Le portable a le ringtone unique comme la flatulence. Danka BabelFish.
Channels Comedy Business Tech
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Men find that Bud Light at the opera goes awry...
Channels Comedy Dancers
Added: 3285 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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What happens if you just cannot go without... Als u niet met vlees kunt gaan... Si vous ne pouvez pas aller avec de la viande... Wenn Sie nicht mit Fleisch gehen konnen... Si usted no puede ir con la carne... Danke BabelFish. Australian commercial advert for Kiwi Bacon.
Added: 3377 days ago by cesara
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Over the top reeminiscent of Westminster Dog Show. In his day job Attila Szkukalek is a biochemist in Norwich England. In his private life he is a husband father and dog trainer. Corroboree. Exposition de chien etonnante remarquable etonnante de danse. Erstaunliche bemerkenswerte erstaunliche TanzenHundeshow. Demostracion de perro asombrosa notable asombrosa del baile. Esposizione di cane stupefacente notevole sorprendente di ballo. Grazie Merci Yahoo BabelFish. To the lyrics of -HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD- from the film -Hollywood Hotel- 1937 - Johnny Mercer - Richard Whiting.
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What kind of arctic animal plays ping-pong the best is answered in this one of a kind Danish or other European video advertizement commercial. Carlsberg Sport. Sport inside.
Added: 3535 days ago by caesarh
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