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Australian satire about a cargo ship with 20000 tonnes of oil where the front end of the ship fell off. Typical and funny TV news video clip courtesty of droll British humour.
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Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity to break clay disks or clay ducks or clay pigeons but need a really big gun like on a tank for this shotgun rifle hunting. TontaubenschieBen ist ein Erholungs- und wettbewerbsfahige Ton Datentrager oder Ton Enten oder Tontauben zu brechen- sondern brauchen eine wirklich groBe Kanone fur dieses Gewehr Jagd. Tir au pigeon d-argile est une activite de loisir et de competition pour casser des disques d-argile ou de canards d-argile ou de pigeons d-argile- mais besoin d-un vraiment gros Canon pour cette de fusil de chasse. Tiro es una actividad recreativa y competitiva para romper discos de arcilla o patos de arcilla o barro palomas pero necesita un arma realmente grande para esta caza rifle de escopeta. Bing Translator.
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A direct missile hit on a fully armed fully armored military tank possibly a scene from an Israeli training film. Un misil directo golpe en un tanque militar completamente blindado completamente armado posiblemente una escena de una pelicula de entrenamiento israeli. Un missile directement touche sur un char militaire entirrement blindr entirrement armr peut-etre une scene d-un film israelien de formation. Eine direkte Rakete getroffen auf einem vollig bewaffnete voll gepanzerten militarischen Panzer moglicherweise eine Szene aus einem israelischen Schulungsfilm. Een directe raket raken op een volledig bewapende volledig gepantserde militaire tank eventueel een scene uit een Israelische trainingsfilm. Vertaling door Bing vertaler.
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Demostracion del shooting de Skeet. SkeetschieBendemonstration. Demonstration de tir de ball-trap.
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First you take a human sized skeet target then find a tank with a nice big gun and ... Tir de ball-trap macho d-homme avec un reservoir d-armee. Machomann SkeetschieBen mit einem Armeebehalter. Lanzamiento de skeet machista del hombre con un tanque de ejercito. Macho man skeet shooting with an army tank.
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Supposedly this is an Israeli test of a remotely controlled rocket...
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Incredible Fast Track Amphibian Boat tows skiers. Take it anywhere. On the water. On the sand. On the turf. On the surf. Fast Track Amphibian Boat. Hurst Texas
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Giant Pacific Northwest Octopus was put into tank with sharks and other big fish in the Seattle Aquarium assuming no problems within species. The large invertebrate won.
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ERYX is a short-range portable SACLOS-based wire-guided anti-tank guided missile ATGM produced by European company MBDA according to Wikipedia On-Line Encyclopedia. Used by Brazil Canada France Norway Turkey and Malaysia. Anti tank missle demonstration goes bad.
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Test missile in Alabama takes Iraqi or T 72 Soviet main battle tank first produced in 1971. The FGM 148 Javelin is an American portable anti tank guided missile.
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