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This is world-s most costly advertisement and the winner of last year-s best advert of the world. It took 606 takes and re-takes to make at a cost of 6.2 million dollars for this 90 second commercial using Honda car parts...could probably make a movie for that. Everything is real with no graphics used and still look at the precision. The team that made this commercial won many awards.
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Fight and fight and fight and ... and end...
Channels Sports  Military  Comedy 
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Mishaps hijinks jokes and accidents with motorized golf carts. Ongelukken hijinks grappen en ongevallen met gemotoriseerde golfkarretjes. Mesaventures pitreries blagues et accidents avec voiturettes de golf motorisees. Pannen Hijinks Witze und Unfalle mit motorisierten Golfwagen. Contrattempi hijinks scherzi e incidenti con carrelli motorizzati golf. Percalcos hijinks piadas e acidentes com carros de golfe motorizados. Contratiempos travesuras bromas y accidentes con carros de golf motorizado. Bing Translator.
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Telling time in the country. Silly humourous Italian sketch wind up English subtitles. But how can you tell time that way. By touching the donkey-s balls or nuts or cajones. Come potete dire al tempo nella campagna italiana. Comment vous pouvez dire le temps dans la campagne italienne.
Array Comedy  Italian  Body  Parts  Testes 
Added: 3796 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Reminescing nostalgia and perhaps idealizing the 1950-s as a more innocent time. Features Ronnie Milsap. In 1985 Ronnie Milsap released his second greatest hits album including a sparkling new doo-wop ballad that captured the authentic sound and feel of the 1950-s with a great saxaphone solo and rich backing vocals with one of Ronnie-s greatest vocal performances going to the top of the Country and Western charts...
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Sometimes when a Muslim or Moslem plays golf he starts out unlucky but then his luck changes in this humourous windup from the BBC Omid Djalili Show. Arab or Persian or Iranian oil baron in the making.
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Television host cannot control himself while patient relates how doctors removed his testes by accident. De gastheer van de televisie kan niet controleren terwijl de patient vertelt hoe de artsen zijn testikels per toeval verwijderden. De gastheer van de televisie kan niet controleren terwijl de patient vertelt hoe de artsen zijn testikels per toeval verwijderden. El anfitrion de la television no puede controlarse mientras que el paciente se relaciona como los doctores quitaron sus testiculos accidentalmente.
Array Comedy    Accidente    Choque    Comedia  Late  Night  TV  Talk  Show  Netherlands 
Channels Comedy  Business  Medical 
Added: 3591 days ago by caesarf
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Jovem mulher entra no consultorio de seu medico e e convidada a retirar a camisola dela enquanto o medico pervertido prepara sua camera para franca e reveladora tiro em VideoFunny2013. Jonge vrouw loopt in kantoor van haar arts en wordt gevraagd om haar trui- terwijl de arts pervert readies zijn camera voor spontane en onthullend schot in VideoFunny2013. Jeune femme se promene dans le Bureau de son medecin et est invitee a retirer son chandail- tandis que le pervers de medecin prepare son appareil photo pour un coup franc et revelateur dans VideoFunny2013. Joven camina en la oficina de su medico y se le pide que retire su sueter mientras que el perverso doctor prepara su camara de tiro Franco y revelador en VideoFunny2013. Young woman walks into office of her doctor and is asked to remove her sweater while the doctor pervert readies his camera for candid and revealing shot in VideoFunny2013. Translation by Microsoft Bing Translator. Junge Frau betritt Buro von ihrem Arzt und wird gebeten- ihr Pullover entfernen- wahrend der Doktor pervers seine Kamera fur ehrliches und aufschlussreiche erschossen in VideoFunny2013 bereitet. Ubersetzung von Microsoft Bing Translator.
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In this scene the capoeria fighter gets beaten. From the movie -Never Back Down-. Esta escena del que caza de capoeria obtiene golpeado. De la pelicula -Nunca hacia atras o Never Back Down-. Cette scene de la chasse capoeria obtient battue. Dans le film -Never Back Down-. Diese Szene der Capoeria Fighter Ruft geschlagen. Aus dem Film -Never Back Down-. Thanks to YouTube and Bing Translator.
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Engineering problems of train stops and starts is addressed in this hypothetical solution to that problem. Technikprobleme Zug stoppt und Anfänge wird in dieser hypothetischen Losung des Mandarine-Chinesen an dieses Problem adressiert. Les problefmes de technologie du train s-arrete et des debuts est adresses dans cette solution hypothetique de Chinois de mandarine a ce probleme. Los problemas de la ingenieria del tren paran y el comienzo se trata en esta solucion hipotetica del chino de mandarin a ese problema.
Channels Business  Travel/Vacation  Tech 
Added: 3038 days ago by caesarg
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