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It is Miller time. The bottle says twist to open.
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Amazing dance video. Differently abled Piotr Iwanicki and Dorota Janowska demonstrate jive dance to Elvis-like song perhaps as part of ADT American Dystrophy Telethon Dancethon. Piotr is multiple wheelchair World Latin Champion. 4 times winners of International Polish Championships in Wheelchair dancing.
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Added: 3690 days ago by caesarn
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Music accents commercial of dancing car. -Transformers- movie like short film video advert. French automaker Citroen. Le constructeur d-automobiles francais Citroen fait C4 l-automobile danser.
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Added: 3943 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Crazy Kung Fu Performance probably from a Hispanic country. But this Bruce Lee look-alike comes up very short...
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Next time you try a special dance trick do not start on a hardwood floor. Trois hommes dans la pratique en matiere de classe de danse devient dangereux. La clase de danza consigue peligrosa. Il codice categoria di ballo ottiene pericoloso. Tanzkategorie erhalt gefahrlich.
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Added: 3153 days ago by cesara
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Series of dance moves often from weddings that end in funny falls pratfalls hijinks accidents -- all set to -You Can Dance- from -Men At Work-. From Wikipedia Men at Work was reggae-influenced rock band which achieved international success in the 1980s. Only Australians to reach Number 1 position in album and singles charts in US and UK with Business as Usual and -Down Under- respectively. Won 1983 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.
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Added: 3929 days ago by caesarg
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Christopher does Las Vegas act imitating the entire Village People troupe using puppet contrivance
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Dancer with nice partner in Spanish
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Added: 3942 days ago by caesarh
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Example of Dating in the 1960s and the complications and that dance is not called -The Screw- ya know...
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Added: 2009 days ago by caesarn
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Frühe Fitness-Center--Tun die Swing Tanz--High Energy- American Dance. Centre de remise en forme debut--Faire la danse Swing--haute energie- danse americaine. Gimnasio temprano--Haciendo el baile Swing--alta energia- baile americano. Inicio no centro de Fitness-- Fazendo a danca Swing - alta energia- danca americana. Primi Fitness Center-- Facendo la Swing Dance - ad alta energia- danza americana. Bing Translator.
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