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Skeet shooting using a remarkable firearm. Low recoil. Extreme accuracy. Reliable. Fast rate.
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Added: 3143 days ago by caesarf
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Demonstrates using an Elephant Gun round in handgun. Show and tell custom built on Thompson Encore or Contenter. 600 Nitro Express. It was designed to knock down an elephant. This incredible clip shows the result of using that firearm by someone who does not realize its potential recoil. One expletive.
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Added: 4026 days ago by caesarh
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Series of gun rounds display variety of high-speed photography pictures images videos
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Added: 3786 days ago by caesarf
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Wild video about someone who is target shooting. Bullet surprisingly richochets or bounces twice with frightening results.
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Added: 3607 days ago by caesarn
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Cell phone becomes firearm in this alarming video. It may not be real but special effects. Nonetheless the result may be fear for us taking that next flight according to this clip. Could this eventually be seen at Airport USA Europe Middle East.
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Added: 3607 days ago by caesarn
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Obtenga la herramienta de automatizacion de derecha--o puede tener un gran lio--segun un anuncio comercial para el software Kaseya herramientas. Gracias a Bing Translator. Get the right automation tool or you could have a big mess -- according to a commercial advertisement for Kaseya software IT tools. Thanks to Bing Translator. Krijgen de juiste automatiseringshulpmiddel-- of je zou kunnen hebben een grote puinhoop--volgens een commerciele reclame voor software van Kaseya die IT-hulpmiddelen. Dankzij Bing vertaler. Obtenir l-outil d-automatisation droite--ou vous pourriez avoir un grand desordre--selon une publicite commerciale pour les logiciels Kaseya qu-outils. Grace a Bing Translator. Erhalten die richtigen Automatisierungswerkzeug-- oder Sie konnten ein groBes Durcheinander--nach kommerzielle Werbung fur Kaseya-Software- die IT-tools. Dank Bing Translator.
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Added: 2344 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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How to put on a bra -- if you surrounded by five -bad guys- kung fu or karate style. Comment mettre dessus un soutien-gorge. Wie man an einen Büstenhalter setzt. Come mettere sopra un reggiseno. Como poner encendido un sujetador. Hoe te op een brassiere te zetten. Hur till palagt en bysthallare. From the game by the same name. Translated by BabelFish. From -Dead Or Alive 3- opening.
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Added: 3685 days ago by caesarg
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A prueba de balas. A prova di proiettile. Kugelsicher. Kogelvrij. A l-epreuve des balles. Yahoo BabelFish.
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Added: 2906 days ago by caesarg
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De goedgetrainde honden wachten op diner met zeer geduld tot het gebed van de maaltijdgunst wordt gebeeindigd. Les chiens bien entraines attendent le diner avec vraiment la patience jusqu-a ce que la priere de grace de repas soit de finition. Gut ausgebildete Hunde warten Abendessen mit sehr viel Geduld - bis das Mahlzeitanmutgebet fertig ist. I cani ben preparati aspettano il pranzo con molto pazienza fino a rifinire la preghiera di tolleranza del pasto. Os caes bem treinados esperam o comensal com muito paciencia ate que a oracao da benevolencia da refeicao esteja terminada. Los perros bien entrenados esperan la cena con mucho paciencia hasta que se acabe el rezo de la tolerancia de la comida. Well-trained dogs wait for dinner with very much patience until the meal grace prayer is finished. Translation thanks to Yahoo BableFish.
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Added: 2579 days ago by caesarg
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Wall of lead or supersonic metal spear gun firepower demonstration from Metal Storm. Automatic 4 barrel gun. Also demo of explosive shells on firing range. Repeated fire mechanized by electronic ignition firing could be armor piercing. as featured on Discovery Channel.
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Added: 3729 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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