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Demonstration by iceskater goes awry using special effects to produce humour...
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Added: 3629 days ago by caesarf
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This woman normally uses a typewriter but in this case she is using a personal computer... Zij wordt niet gebruikt aan een computer. La no utilizan a una computadora. Sie ist nicht an einen Computer gewohnt. Elle n-est pas employee a un ordinateur.
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Added: 3610 days ago by cesara
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Learning a glider like Space Shuttle... Rolled the plane with Generals on-board. Including pouring in flight iced tea...
Array Aircraft  Jet  Fighter  Co-Pilot 
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Added: 3137 days ago by caesarf
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Use a little fish to catch a big fish in the Amazon. Like ice fishing. Brazil speaks the language of Portugal.
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Added: 3903 days ago by caesarf
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Policia brasileira mata ladrao com a faca que esta ameacando matar cliente feminino. E morto a tiros. Brazilian police kills robber with knife who is threatening to kill female shopper. Is shot dead. Brasilianische Polizei totet Rauber mit Messer- die weiblichen Kaufer zu toten droht. Wird erschossen. Policia brasilena mata a ladron con el cuchillo que esta amenazando con matar a shopper femenino. Es muerto a tiros. La police bresilienne tue voleur avec couteau qui menace de tuer les femme shopper. Est tue par balle. Translation Microsoft Bing.
Channels News  Travel/Vacation  Crime 
Added: 1416 days ago by caesarg
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British soldiers camp it up to the tune of -Is this the way to Amarillo-. Per Wikipedia On 13 May 2005 another spoof video of the song made by the United Kingdom Royal Dragoon Guards stationed in Iraq was emailed so frequently it crashed a server at the UK Ministry of Defence. The -Peter Kay- character credited as -Lucky Pierre- refer to gay sex.
Channels Military  Comedy  Dancers 
Added: 4162 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Let-s get rid of that little or big obstacle...
Array Edifice  Nevada  Gamble  Gambling 
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Wild video about someone who is target shooting. Bullet surprisingly richochets or bounces twice with frightening results.
Channels Sports  Military  News 
Added: 3728 days ago by caesarn
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Russian video. Nice risque day to shop. Get a nice surprise as you walk in business when young retail woman worker greets you almost naked. Thanks to Bing Translator. VideoFunny2013. Video russo. Ottenere una bella sorpresa- come si cammina in affari quando lavoratore giovane al dettaglio vi saluta quasi nuda. Russische Video. Erhalten Sie eine Uberraschung wie Sie im Geschaft gehen- wenn junge Einzelhandel weiblich Worker Sie gruBt fast nackt. Video russe. Obtenir une belle surprise en vous promenant dans l-entreprise lorsque la travailleuse jeune detail vous accueille presque nu. Video ruso. Obtener una agradable sorpresa al caminar en el negocio cuando trabajadora joven retail te saluda casi desnuda. Gracias a Bing Translator. VideoFunny2013. Russische video. Krijgen een leuke verrassing als je in het bedrijfsleven loopt als jonge retail vrouw werknemer u begroet bijna naakt. Dankzij Bing vertaler. Video russo. Como voce anda no negocio- quando o trabalhador de varejo jovem mulher cumprimenta - lo quase nua- pode ter uma surpresa agradavel.
Array Nude  Retail  Desnudo  Strip  Tease  Sales  Clerk 
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Added: 1423 days ago by caesarn
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Police windup spoof gag joke... Que sucede si el oficial de policia que le esta dando un boleto para conducir intoxicado es aun mas borracho que estas. O que acontece se o policial que e dando-lhe um bilhete por dirigir embriagado e ainda mais bebado do que voce e. Cosa succede se l-ufficiale di polizia che vi da un biglietto per la guida di ebbrezza e ancor piu ubriaco che sei. Was passiert- wenn der Polizist- der Ihnen ein Ticket für den Antrieb gibt- wahrend berauscht sogar noch betrunken ist- als du bist. Que se passe-t-il si l-agent de police qui vous donne un ticket pour la conduite en etat d-ebriete est encore plus ivre que toi. Wat gebeurt er als de politieagent die je een ticket geeft voor het rijden onder invloed zelfs meer dronken is dan je bent. What happens if the police officer who is giving you a ticket for driving while intoxicated is even more drunk than you are. From 11.13.07 LASD - Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. spoof windup. Bing Translator.
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Added: 2320 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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