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In this Middle-Eastern terrorist spoof wind up the Volkswagen VW Polo demonstrates its excellent technology containing an explosion.
Array Comedy  Germany  Saudi  Bomb 
Channels Cars  Comedy  Crime 
Added: 3906 days ago by caesarf
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Incredible Gilles parking technique demonstration. Demonstration incroyable de technique de stationnement de Gilles. Unglaubliche Gilles-Parkentechnikdemonstration. Demostracion increible de la tecnica del estacionamiento de Gil. Dank BabelFish.
Array Automobile    Vehiculo    Vehicle    Coche    Automatic 
Channels Cars  Comedy  Tech 
Added: 3277 days ago by caesarn
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German waterbed bath spas demonstration comedy in bed or bedding store. Deutsche Bettwasche waterbed Badbadekurort-Demonstrationskomodie. Comedia waterbed alemana de la demostracion de los balnearios del bano en almacen de la cama o del lecho. Comedie waterbed allemande de demonstration de stations thermales de bain dans le magasin de lit ou de literie. To Bobby Darin-s and Murray Kaufman-s -Splish Splash-. This is Bobby Darin-s first big hit from 1958 when someone challenged Bobby to see if he could come up with a song that started with the lyrics -Splish Splash I was taking a bath-. Not only did ... from YouTube.
Array Comedy  Spa  Jacuzzi 
Channels Comedy  Business  Tech 
Added: 3657 days ago by caesarf
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Shots of a balloon from small Japanese video camera in Japan which shoots at 2000 frames per second high-resolution full color. Video cam which does not need a lot of light as most high speed cameras do. In demo movie a yellow balloon has been filled with water and is then pierced with a pin. Take a look and be amazed. The balloon disappears around the water.
Array Camera  Slow  Motion  Japanese  Video  Cam 
Channels Business  Tech 
Added: 4140 days ago by caesarf
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Demostracion de la barra de la nueva tecnologia de las comunicaciones -- Telefono celular de Nokia en cuerpo. Demonstracao da barra da tecnologia das comunicacoes nova -- Telefone de pilha de Nokia no corpo. Dimostrazione della barra di nuova tecnologia delle comunicazioni -- Telefono delle cellule di Nokia nel corpo. Stabdemonstration der neuen Kommunikationstechnologie -- Nokia-Handy im Korper. Demonstration de barre de nouvelle technologie des communications -- Telephone portable de Nokia dans le corps. De demonstratie van de bar van nieuwe communicatie technologie -- De celtelefoon van Nokia in lichaam. Danke Yahoo BabelFish.
Array Fart  Flatulence  Ruido  Poop 
Channels Comedy  Tech 
Added: 3045 days ago by caesarg
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Ball girl struts her stuff. AAA Baseball Fresno versus Tacoma Washington Brent Johnson hits to left field where Jake Wall fields. But energetic ball girl shows off her fielding talent.
Channels Sports  Comedy 
Added: 3930 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Baseball player demonstrates pitch ball and return in wild display on baseball diamond. Jugador de beisbol demuestra bola echada y retorno en pantalla salvaje de diamante de beisbol. Joueur de baseball montre boule de pitch et revenir a l-affichage sauvage sur le terrain de baseball. Baseballspieler zeigt Pitch Ball und am Baseballfeld in wild Anzeige zuruck. Baseball-Spieler wird veranschaulicht- wie er Ball selbst haben es in wilden Display auf Baseball Diamond zurück Stellplatze. Baseball player demonstrates how he pitches ball to himself to have it return in wild display on baseball diamond. eXtreme beisbol Sports. Thanks Dank Gracias Grace Bing Translator.
Channels Sports  Comedy  Tech 
Added: 2068 days ago by caesarn
Runtime: 00:54 | Views: 9203 | Comments: 2
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Owners demonstrate the skill of each of their dogs in a humorous manner to advertise a certain brand of beer
Array Comedy  Beer  Dog  Humour 
Channels Animals  Comedy 
Added: 4142 days ago by caesarg
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Clip demonstrating real thirst for that beer
Array Comedy  Beer  Stamp  Joke 
Channels Comedy  Business 
Added: 4154 days ago by caesarh
Runtime: 00:17 | Views: 7695 | Comments: 1
Demonstration by iceskater goes awry using special effects to produce humour...
Array Comedy    Accidente    Choque    Ice  Skating  Competition  FX 
Channels Sports  Comedy  Dancers 
Added: 3633 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:10 | Views: 19056 | Comments: 3
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