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It is a multitasking cellphone a dish washer patented heat function razor iron music harmonica toaster printer inflate tires rectal thermometer administer defibrilator self destruct from Satire farce wind up.
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Reminescing nostalgia and perhaps idealizing the 1950-s as a more innocent time. Features Ronnie Milsap. In 1985 Ronnie Milsap released his second greatest hits album including a sparkling new doo-wop ballad that captured the authentic sound and feel of the 1950-s with a great saxaphone solo and rich backing vocals with one of Ronnie-s greatest vocal performances going to the top of the Country and Western charts...
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Asking for the young woman-s hand in marriage but... Verizon Wireless Commercial in Spanish for 30-day trial of telephone service
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You just received a phone call from a vibrator manufacturer and the most embarrassing moment of your life is upon you -- the vibrator may be recalled. Oh no. Unless it is a radio show hoax such as Jeff and Jenn Q102 Cinncinati. Sexual massage.
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The message is clear let-s not drive distracked by phone text or e-mail or smoking please... Great FX.
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Surprise unknowing couple when they leave to answer the phone in restaurant only to find... European humour gag. Candid camera. Unclothed. Disrobed. Desnudo europeo de la sorpresa del restaurante. Nudite europeenne de surprise de restaurant. Europese naakte restaurantverrassing. Europaisches Gaststatteuberraschungs-Akt.
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Dishwashing printing inflate bicycle tires heat hairdryer razor wireless iron harmonica function toaster thermometer anal help with cardiovascular event and even a self-destruct function
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Frog is fooled by iphone Smart Phone but then the toad fools the person and makes a joke on the human. Kikker is misleiden door iphone slimme telefoon maar dan de pad dwazen van de persoon en maakt een grap van de mensenrechten. Bing Translator. Grenouille est dupe par iphone telephone intelligent- mais alors le crapaud imbeciles de la personne et fait une blague sur l-homme. Frosch ist getauscht durch Iphone Smartphone aber dann die Krote Narren die Person und macht einen Witz auf dem Menschen. Sapo e enganado pelo iphone telefone inteligente- mas depois o sapo engana a pessoa e faz uma piada sobre o ser humano. Rana es enganado por iphone telefono inteligente- pero entonces el sapo los locos de la persona y hace una broma sobre el ser humano. Rana e ingannato da iphone- Smart Phone- ma poi il rospo sciocchi la persona e fa una battuta sull-uomo.
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Sometimes our electronics tech stuff does not work as advertised...
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Stay Calm - Dad. 911 999 Emergency Phone Call. Five year old Savannah shows she is really responsible child... with Dad-s first time heart attack. Coronary Thrombosis Infarcation
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