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Some -facts- that we have heard that are actually not true. Those so-called facts are corrected by BuzzFeed Buzz60. Tang drink NASA Astronaut facts. Cell phone in aircraft facts. Apple Garden of Eden. Great Wall of China. Five human senses.
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More from in Seville Espana. Monkey takes a shine to possible PG zoo scene. IBC Root Beer.
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Maybe this man has three reasons to stop drinking alcohol. Misschien heeft deze mens drie redenen ophouden drinkend alcohol. Peut-etre cet homme a trois raisons de cesser de boire l-alcool. Moglicherweise hat dieser Mann drei Grunde Spiritus zu trinken zu stoppen. Forse questo uomo ha tre motivi smettere di bere l-alcool. Talvez este homem tem tres razaes parar de beber o alcool. Este hombre tiene quiza tres razones para parar el beber del alcohol.
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From their Very Own Local Water A Haitian group is Delivering Drinkable Water to 200,000 Haitians Each Day - 1888PressRelease
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What kind of man a woman goes for who drinks Max Beer in this sexy video featuring mock oral. MAX is a from the South Korean Hite Brewery Company.
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Joke about bier in the beautiful tranquil woods of Southern California. From Zapavision.
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