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Readying for ice skating competition. Surprise at the end of a double axle after warm up routine waltz triple loop in this wind up on water hazard thin ice. Thanks to special effects editing...
Added: 3920 days ago by caesarn
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What happens to a person who insists on answering his or her cell phone is the subject of this little sketch windup from Kyocera
Channels Comedy Business
Added: 3757 days ago by caesarn
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Telling time in the country. Silly humourous Italian sketch wind up English subtitles. But how can you tell time that way. By touching the donkey-s balls or nuts or cajones. Come potete dire al tempo nella campagna italiana. Comment vous pouvez dire le temps dans la campagne italienne.
Added: 3851 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Analysis with Tim Conway accidentally mis-called telephone at night and no sleep. CBS. Carol Burnett Show. American comedy humour situation comedy sit com. 1967-1978.
Channels Comedy
Added: 3447 days ago by cesara
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I don-t know nothin- about birthin- octuplets but am willing to learn in this satire on the Bellflower California USA woman who gave birth to eight 8 babies in this windup humourous sketch from Jimmy Kimmel. He is late night American television talk show host and comedian who with Adam Corolla developed -The Man Show-.
Channels Comedy News Medical
Added: 3706 days ago by cesara
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French football or soccer goes wrong in this sketch wind up. Balagan was a type of travelling theatre troop common during the 18th to early 20th centuries in Russia. Balagan as a theatre genre combined elements of commedia dell-arte and French street performance.
Channels Sports Comedy
Added: 3897 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:26 | Views: 15090 | Comments: 4
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Whenever a nearly helpless man is ready to help out -- well sometimes his help is not always the best as illustrated in this comedic sketch wind up prank hijinks funny comedy.
Channels Comedy Business
Added: 2450 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Why men have big toolboxes is answered in this video sketch wind up for Bud Light from
Added: 3919 days ago by caesarn
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Execution Firing Squad Surprise Comedy Bit Sketch Funny. Ejecucion de fusilamiento sorpresa comedia. EXECUTION peloton Surprise comique Drole. Execution ErschieBungskommando Uberraschung komodiantischenLustig. Execution vuurpeloton verrassing komischeGrappig. Monty Python or The Pythons was a British surreal comedy group from 70s per Wikipedia.
Added: 2501 days ago by caesarn
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This time from Comedy Central. The stewardess tells us that the air carrier is going to charge me for what or what won-t it charge me for is more like it... Comedy wind up sketch. MADtv is an American sketch comedy television series that first aired on the US American FOX station then continued to the Comedy Central American channel. It licenses the name and logo of Mad magazine but has no other affiliation according to Wikipedia.
Array Comedy Humour
Added: 3418 days ago by cesara
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