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Trabalho da laje de cimento no tempo real. Exige o trabalho real da equipe. Travail dalle en de beton en temps reel. Il exige le vrai travail d-equipe. Concrete slab work in real-time. It requires real team work. Betonplattearbeit in der Realzeit. Sie erfordert reale Mannschaftarbeit. Lavoro della lastra di cemento armato in tempo reale. Richiede il lavoro reale della squadra. Trabajo del bloque de cemento en tiempo real. Requiere el trabajo verdadero del equipo. Pascal Paoli. 2008 - Mali. Republique du Mali is a landlocked nation in Western Africa. Mali is the seventh largest country in Africa according to Wikipedia On-Line Encyclopedia. Translation courtesy of Yahoo Alta Vista Babelfish. Cement Hormigonado Con Bomba
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Tiger by the tail. Tiger Woods by the nuts balls gonads -nads- PG-Rated lang. Sung in the C and W style imitating Buck Owens Bakersfield California sound.
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In this US American Country and Western video the song tells us that whut them thar gay people is proposin- just ain-t natural. Silly anti-homosexual satire. But there are gay penguins...
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Sad song about getting older. Man-s body does not keep it up anymore. Stan Boreson -I Just Don-t Look Good Naked Anymore-.
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What sometimes happens at an USA Country and Western rodeo with bucking brahma bull and taming wild horses and bucking broncos and calf lariat roping and steer riding etc. Rodeo clowns and cowboys and caballeros flying. From American Southwest.
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In this sad little song the spouse meets the mistress and predictably... Rodney Carrington -The day my wife met my girlfriend-. From the Bob and Tom Show based in Indianapolis Indiana and also syndicated on WGN America Chicago Illinois.
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Country and western song -You are an asshole-. Conservatives take a swipe at everyone from Ted Kennedy to Albright to Rosie to Gore to Saddam to Bin Laden to Pelosi etc.
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Young man does a fair rendition of a USA American Southern rock favorite -Jambalaya -On the Boyou- from Hank Williams Jr. on TNN
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