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National Rifle Association-s Board member anti-Democrat supports 2nd Ammendment in discussion with Evan Smith Editor Texas Monthly arch-conservative right wing. Suggests that all should carry concealed weapons for killing or protection and may be a very anti-overwhelming pro-Gun lobby pawn.
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Frank Caliendo instead of Bush this time does memorable comedic Clinton impression. From Wikipedia -- William Jefferson Bill Clinton born August 19 1946 in Hope Arkansas outskirts of Texarka was 42nd US President serving from 1993 to 2001. Third youngest president older only than Theodore Roosevelt and Kennedy. President at end of Cold War and the first baby boomer president since he was born in the period after World War II.
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-Make the most of now- even if you are in prison. Vodafone advert. HQ Berkshire England. Behind China Mobile 2nd largest mobile network in world including ownership of 45 percent of Verizon Wireless. Voice data fone. De gegevenstelefoon van de stem. Telephone de donnees de voix. Sprachdatenfernsprecher Im Gefa ngnisgefangnis. Telefono di dati di voce Nella prigione della prigione. Na cadeia da prisao. En carcel o prision.
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The right to bear arms is featured in this -Family Day in West Virginia- where it shows that the American family that shoots together stays together... Almost satirical or parody but may be serious...
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Flirt dans la ville. Lyrics - Look for Love. In your eyes. The sun is shining from the sky. Got to look for love. Flirt in der Stadt. Flirtando nella citta. Flertar na cidade. El ligarse en la ciudad. Het flirten in de Stad. Commercial advert for the New Yorker Magazine.
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How do you know that you are safely shopping in Texas since 1845 is answered in this video which shows the old American West tradition of carrying your own protection -- being armed.
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It is the Irish sea - Atlantic coast. A stand off between two naval entities and guess who wins... 2nd largest ship in the North Atlantic fleet.
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