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Before and after with -The Diamonds- great musical act. The Diamonds were a Canadian quartet of the 1950s and early 1960s who rose to prominence performing mostly cover versions of songs by black musicians. According to Wikipedia.
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Imagine that you are firing a very high caliber firearm and suddenly...
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Black and white never looked so good in this outstanding memory reminescent Rockin- Fifties demonstration as to why they did not need gyms then...
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Crazy neo-conservative video that is again against anything from Obama including his health care proposal package...
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In celebration of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-s 50th anniversary a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air was crashed into a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu -- visually demonstrating how far automobile safety has come in 50 years.
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Interesting facts about human relationships. Billions of humans share common ancestors -- maybe from Taiwan. Others say Africa. And we each share a billion atoms with Shakespeare. And when a human steps on a planet light-years from here and a century from now -- that person will have one billion of your atoms in him or her and one billion of the atoms from every person you know. Related to most recent common ancestor or MRCA Wikipedia talks about
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Chorus lauds Obama-s historic victory as America-s first black President -- sung to the Beatles final studio album entitled after Paul McCartney-s Let It Be released in 1970 a month after the breakup of the historical Beatles musical group -- arguably the greatest rock and roll pop musical group of past 50 years
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What happens to Mattel-s Barbie is revealed in this sketch of Cougar Barbie possibly from NBC. Watch out. Wikipedia says Cougar is older woman who sexually pursues men at least eight years her junior. The term has been used in American TV series advertising and film. 2007 film Cougar Club was dedicated to subject. Featured in the recurring NBC Saturday Night Live sketch -Cougar Den-.
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China-s Most Wanted Man Shot Dead by Police according to International Business Times IBTimes. Chinese Class A Serial Killer Murderer. 50K Brit pound award. Zhou Kehua. Sichuan province. Szechuan
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This is a video clip of the New Mexico Sandia National Labs rocket sled test. Purpose of test was to gauge results of high impact - 500 mph - F-4 Phantom jet against a concrete barrier such as a nuclear reactor wall some 10 feet thick. The plane was basically atomized.
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