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Satirical commercial based on American Reality TV show called -Survivor- asking which is the most important tool to have when you are stranded on a lush tropical island and one answer might be refreshingly smooth Bud Light. Humourous advert. Show first originated in Sweden and the concept moved to other countries with mixed results except for the American CBS version according to Wikipedia
Added: 3712 days ago by cesara
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James Bond Pierce Brosnan takes a wild ride in a rickshaw taxi for a credit card somewhere in the Pacific Rim perhaps Singapore Malaysia Thailand or Cambodia to meet with a beautiful woman of course. Ian Fleming-s series continues to live in this Visa advert.
Added: 3911 days ago by caesarf
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It is the idyllic Garden of Eden and everything is wonderful wonderful wundervoll except maybe it might be more like Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve... From Dutch sketch advert for Centraal Beheer insurance Apeldoorn Achmea. Bekijk de nieuwste commercial.
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Added: 3925 days ago by caesarn
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Slightly suggestive humourous Weinerschnitzel advertizement for the world-s most wanted weiner hot dog wurstchen in a co-ed college dorm...
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Added: 3891 days ago by caesarg
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Funny AFLAC commercial advert in ebonics East LA East Los Angeles Southern drawl etc. Comedic video clip
Channels Animals Comedy
Added: 1201 days ago by caesarf
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Silly windup advert for U.S. American insurance company. Aflac provides supplemental insurance for individuals and groups to help pay benefits your major medical insurance does not cover. American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus Georgia.
Added: 2109 days ago by caesarf
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Toyota Corolla AC works on woman in this humourous titillating Toyota advert probably for Portugal or Brazil or Porguese Africa. Ar-condicionado de serie.
Channels Cars Comedy Business
Added: 3937 days ago by caesarf
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Amazing Shadow Hand Work as part of Volkswagen advert in Europe called -Aus Liebe zum Automobil- Deutschland
Added: 4181 days ago by caesarf
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Macho Man The Herald Sun has the latest news from Sydney Melbourne Victoria Australia and the world. Commercial advert for Free St. John ambulance Fist Aid Kit. He might need it...
Channels Comedy Business
Added: 3404 days ago by cesara
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Wonder what dueling colored condoms or rubbers do when no one is watching is answered in this slightly steamy video complete with -menage a trois- a light-heard Durex advertizement with special effects.
Added: 3796 days ago by caesarf
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