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Learning another language can be very helpful.
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Gabriel and Gabriel show us how to have fun together.
Channels Animals Comedy
Added: 3114 days ago by caesarf
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Love between some of nature-s beauties to Louis Armstrong song -What A Wonderful World-. Cerfs communs chat et lapin. Ciervos gato y conejo. Cervi gatto e coniglio.
Added: 3664 days ago by cesara
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Nature-s demonstration of the feeding by nature-s largest winged creatures feeding on goats or kids in the rocky cliffs.
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Animals look past their differences... Tennessee Tara and Bella have been close for years. Retirement. An elephant and a dog become best friends.
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Demonstration of our avian friends acting badly. Comedie de volaille. Canard. Mallard. Poule. Oie. Poulet. Coq. Comedia de las aves. Pato silvestre. Gallina. Ganso. Pollo. Gallo. Commedia dei gallinacei. Anatra. Germano reale. Gallina. Oca. Pollo. Gallo.
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Naughty rabbit and naughty teddy bear jump and bump and hump and grind to the music. From an advert for Blaupunkt GmbH according to Wikipedia is a German manufacturer of electronics equipment noted for its home and car audio equipment. Subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH the world-s largest supplier of automobile components. Blaupunkt Gmbh est un fabricant allemand d-equipement de l-electronique remarquable pour son equipement audio de maison et de voiture. Blaupunkt das GmbH ist ist ein deutscher Hersteller der Elektronikausrustung gemerkt fur seine Ausgangs- und des AutosAudiogerate.
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Added: 3826 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Here in the UK we hear much of the excellent work undertaken by the RSPCA. However in Africa -- the work of RSPCA volunteers goes relatively unnoticed. As a result the Year of the Volunteer -- 2007 -- has been launched by the RSPCA in an attempt to attract more people to their worthy cause. If you have some time to spare and want to do something really positive for animals in Africa -- then becoming an RSPCA volunteer may be for you. The attached clip highlights an RSPCA volunteer at work in a Kenyan Game Reserve as he outruns a leopard pursuing a gazelle.
Added: 4151 days ago by caesarh
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Animals and humans dance to disco
Added: 4167 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Animals can get drunk from eating the fruit of the Marula tree native to the miombo woodlands of Southern Africa and the Sudano-Shelian range of West Africa. Amarula Zimbabwean cream liqueur drink. Sclerocarya birrea.
Added: 3585 days ago by caesarg
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