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Comedian recounts trying interaction with airline when luggage returns - well - quite damaged...
Added: 4186 days ago by caesarh
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What happens if you just cannot go without... Als u niet met vlees kunt gaan... Si vous ne pouvez pas aller avec de la viande... Wenn Sie nicht mit Fleisch gehen konnen... Si usted no puede ir con la carne... Danke BabelFish. Australian commercial advert for Kiwi Bacon.
Added: 3376 days ago by cesara
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Educational institution or shul sports this message to callers such as what lies to tell... from the Land Down Under.
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Added: 3121 days ago by caesarg
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Series of dance moves often from weddings that end in funny falls pratfalls hijinks accidents -- all set to -You Can Dance- from -Men At Work-. From Wikipedia Men at Work was reggae-influenced rock band which achieved international success in the 1980s. Only Australians to reach Number 1 position in album and singles charts in US and UK with Business as Usual and -Down Under- respectively. Won 1983 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.
Added: 4174 days ago by caesarg
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Sometimes men do not know how to romance. Los hombres no saben a veces al romance. Parfois les hommes ne savent pas a roman. A volte gli uomini non conoscono come a romanzesco. Manchmal konnen Manner nicht zu Romanze. A commercial advert from Australian Hahn Premium Light Lager full-flavoured beer. Bier. Cerveza. Jacuzzi spa pool
Added: 3696 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Dass der neue leistungsfahigere Kleintransporter Toyota-Hilux besser ist - wird in diesem australischen lustigen Komodienvideo veranschaulicht. Que la nueva camioneta pickup mas de gran alcance de Toyota Hilux es mejor se ilustra en este video divertido australiano de la comedia. Que le nouveau camion pick-up plus puissant de Toyota Hilux est meilleur est illustre dans cette video drole australienne de comedie. Traduit par Yahoo BabelFish.
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Added: 2804 days ago by caesarf
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Australian visitor receives introduction to Italian police or peace officer-s most unique car... Lamborghini was donated to Italy-s polizia for use on autobahn equivalent
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Added: 3825 days ago by caesarn
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Commercial Advert for Four -N Twenty Legendary Angus Beef Pie becomes popular in Australian construction but those kilts may have to go...
Added: 2657 days ago by caesarf
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Isn-t my smart guide dog a Labrador or German Shepherd is asked by this man who is dying for a brew in the land down under in this Toohey-s New Australian beer advert commercial. Durstiger blinder Mann mit Fuhrerhund. Hombre oculto sediento con el perro de guia.
Added: 3712 days ago by cesara
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Australian with French subtitles about kind person helping older woman but surprise
Added: 4188 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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