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-Bend over let me see ya shake your tailfeather- with this parrot and Ray Charles...
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Added: 3536 days ago by cesara
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Demonstration of our avian friends acting badly. Comedie de volaille. Canard. Mallard. Poule. Oie. Poulet. Coq. Comedia de las aves. Pato silvestre. Gallina. Ganso. Pollo. Gallo. Commedia dei gallinacei. Anatra. Germano reale. Gallina. Oca. Pollo. Gallo.
Added: 3658 days ago by cesara
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Nephew who lives in South America. Live bird.
Added: 3526 days ago by cesara
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Ice scraping funny that is in Europe perhaps Scandanavian countries like Norway or Sweden.
Added: 4150 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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It is a new Erickson cell phone. The chip is implanted in my nose. And then there is the FAX or facsimile. E um celular Erickson... O chip foi implantado no meu nariv. Norway Sweden Denmark or some other Scandanavian country.
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Added: 3503 days ago by caesarf
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This couple seems to be readying for a special night but... This clip wind up from Scandanavian TV highlights the battle between the sexes. Canal Digital is a Scandinavian television distributor and internet service provider -ISP- for Norway and Sweden founded in March 1997 as a joint venture with French pay-TV company Canal-plus. Broadcast satellite service to Sweden Norway Denmark and Finland and to more than 2.9 million Nordic households as per Wikipedia.
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Added: 3722 days ago by caesarf
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