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Humourous clip on talking photo booth in Universal Studios in Orlando Florida or Studio City Burbank California
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Added: 3737 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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It has come to our attention that people are allowing their cellphones to go off during church services or people are texting or ... They could go to hell. Also No shoes -- no shirt -- no service. Thanks to Westminster Presbyterian Church Burbank California USA and Michael J. Cahill.
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JetBlue Flight 292 left Burbank Sept. 21 2005 and had to abort that flight after a few dozen miles or kilometres by coming into Los Angeles International or LAX because the nose gear would not retract. JetBlue only uses non-American aircraft.
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Do NOT use your cell in this church or you may be very sorry... No shirt No shoes. No Service. Presbyterian Church. Burbank Los Angeles California USA. Michael J. Cahill. 2011.
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