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-The View- surprises us with how friendly former President Bush was and then we see how friendly everyone is...
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Frank Caliendo instead of Bush this time does memorable comedic Clinton impression. From Wikipedia -- William Jefferson Bill Clinton born August 19 1946 in Hope Arkansas outskirts of Texarka was 42nd US President serving from 1993 to 2001. Third youngest president older only than Theodore Roosevelt and Kennedy. President at end of Cold War and the first baby boomer president since he was born in the period after World War II.
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Making fun of vote in 2004 elections with computer Voting Booth Machine that has mind of its own. Bush vs. Kerry
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On Jay Leno Show Transportation Security Administration frisks President Bush too much... Avant d-entrer dans un avion un doit etre recherche selon des reglements de securite -- meme le president des Etats-Unis. Bevor man ein Flugzeug betritt muss man entsprechend Sicherheitsregelungen gesucht werden -- sogar der Staat-Prasident. Antes de entrar en un avion uno se debe buscar segun regulaciones de la seguridad -- incluso el presidente de Estados Unidos. Gracias Yahoo BabelFish.
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Steve Bridges does George Bush imitation to great comedic effect...
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Tim Wilson admits he is tired of... Oprah - Mel Gibson - Dr. Phil - Paris Hilton - Raymond - Barry Bonds - Lance Armstrong - Donald Trump - Angelia and Brad - Bush etc. but he admits he could be wrong... Fed up with...
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Acting as Panju a Hindu 7-11 Convenience Store shopkeep who says too much as he makes fun of red-necks and fat people and over-reproductive people and the President Bush and Dick Cheney. From comedy show -Mind of Mencia- well-known Hispanic comedian. Wikipedia says -Mind of Mencia- was an American television comedy series on the cable channel Comedy Central. It was hosted by Carlos Mencia.-
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Comedy child humor makes fun. Parody. Satire. Bush impression.
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US Presidents play -Jeopardy- from the Jay Leno Tonight Show bit wind up Barak Obama George W. Bush Abraham Lincoln parody.
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Impressions. Dr. Phil McGraw. Bill Clinton. George W. Bush. Ronald Reagan.
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