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Arkansas woman resuscitates hen. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation stunt. Terry Bradshaw shares the stage and joins in the laughter. Tonight Show with Jay Leno -Late night TV show- official NBC page. Givig chicken a blow job or chest compressions on TV.
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More amazing video clips of Criss Angel... Orange Lemon. Supermarket produce dairy trick. Chick.
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Ammonia-doused pink slime burger. And a little arsenic makes chicken look oh so edible... Store bough honey not so good. Greek yogurt. Shrimp contaminated. Maraschino cherries. Grated cheese products... From BuzzFeed Buzz60
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Demonstration of our avian friends acting badly. Comedie de volaille. Canard. Mallard. Poule. Oie. Poulet. Coq. Comedia de las aves. Pato silvestre. Gallina. Ganso. Pollo. Gallo. Commedia dei gallinacei. Anatra. Germano reale. Gallina. Oca. Pollo. Gallo.
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Rolls-Royce Jet Engine is tested to destruction perhaps with a frozen chicken shot at it. The Rolls-Royce Trent 900 is a turbofan engine developed from the RB211 and is in family of Trent engines found on the Airbus-380. According to Wikipedia on-line free encyclopaedia.
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Hen makes great pool shot in this possibly touched-up billiard lesson with the hen-s egg as the cue ball in this clip which is either Dutch or German.
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Battleship plays -chicken- but who with... The United States Navy loses this...
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