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What would the Amish regard as pornographic or explicit literature is illustrated in this clip. The most anti-technological society in the United States is the Amish. An old religious sect direct descendants of the Anabaptists of sixteenth-century Europe. Anabaptist Christians challenged the reforms of Martin Luther. They also taught separation of church and state something unheard of in the 16th century and were avowedly neutral. Later known as the Mennonites they moved to Switzerland and other remote areas of Europe to escape religious persecution.
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What would happen if the Catholic Church decided to automate reconcilliation or confession of sins is illustrated in this video from Mexico or Mejico. Que sucederia si la iglesia catolica decidida al reconcilliation o a la confesion automatizado de pecados se ilustra en este video.
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Another Fun In Church video. How a baptism can be even more fun...
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Stunts that can only happen in church. Done with Bach-s Ave Maria in background.
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Fearful Churchill conservative speech against all types of social programs and even social progressive actions or thinking... Conservative Winston Churchill Anti-Social Program Socialism
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The world seems to be upset by the Jew. Hitler. Nazi. Russians. Pogroms. Holocaust. Roman Catholic Inquisition. Repression. Crusaders. Palestine. Martin Luther cried to burn Jewish Churches Temples or Synagogue. From unrepentant proud Jewish man.
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Anti-immigration spiel from outspoken conservative. Dobbs is strongly opposed to illegal immigrants the H-1B visa program and guest worker programs. Along with this he has been a critic of what he regards as the Mexican government-s unwillingness to change its laws to help the poor and of church leaders in Mexico for not criticizing the Mexican government-s policies.
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This advert for G.d. Anti-Atheist American overzealous over-patriotism and over-religious...
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It has come to our attention that people are allowing their cellphones to go off during church services or people are texting or ... They could go to hell. Also No shoes -- no shirt -- no service. Thanks to Westminster Presbyterian Church Burbank California USA and Michael J. Cahill.
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Britain-s Got Talent features 12 year old Faryl Smith sings -Ave Maria- by Johann Sebastian Bach -Charles Gounod. Church music won this round in this English Contest.
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