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Battle Hymn of the -Boomer- generation...
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This anti-Arab video depicts possible problems throughout the world as more Islamic people become citizens. Anti-Arabisch gevoel in het Westen. Anti-Arab Gefuhl im Westen. Sentimento Anti-Arab nell-ovest. Sentimiento antiarabe en el oeste. Sentiment anti-arabe dans l-ouest.
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A chat between the presenter and his puppet Walter -- a senior citizen living moody. Let-s talk about marriange and life with a very irreverent puppet. Jeff Dunham is an American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian who has also appeared on numerous television shows. Born 1962 in Dallas Texas USA. Subtitled in Portugese. Waltero Idoso. Mannequin mannekin mannikin manikin dummy or lay figure.
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-The Adventures of Seniors- or in this case misadventures pratfalls crashes of senior citizens. Music by Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime-. American New Wave band formed in 1974 in New York City and active until 1991. Used avant-garde musical elements of punk rock new wave pop funk world music and art rock. Used multimedia projects in performances and was critically acclaimed band of -80s.
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Demostracion de un conductor muy experto y muy asombrosamente del jubilado. Estacionamiento. Traduccion - Yahoo BabelFish. Demonstracao de um excitador muito habil e muito sorpresa do idoso. Traducao - Yahoo BabelFish. Dimostrazione di un driver molto esperto e molto sorprendente dell-anziano. Parcheggio. Traduzione - Yahoo BabelFish. Demonstration eines sehr erfahrenen und sehr uberraschenden Fahrers des alteren Bürgers. Parken. Ubersetzung - Yahoo BabelFish. Demonstration d-un conducteur tres habile et tres etonnant de vieillard. Stationnement. Traduction - Yahoo BabelFish. Demonstratie van een zeer bekwame en zeer het verrassen bejaardebestuurder. Parkeren. Vertaling - Yahoo BabelFish. Demonstration of a very skilled and very surprising senior citizen driver. Translation - Yahoo BabelFish. Just for laughs Gags.
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USA National Security Agency routinely monitors all US citizens whether they engage in illegal activities or not. Edward Snowden -- brave whistle blower who opened up NSA data to the world -- in order to elucidate illegal surveillance. Traitor or treason or super-patriot -- which might he be.
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