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Interesting facts about human relationships. Billions of humans share common ancestors -- maybe from Taiwan. Others say Africa. And we each share a billion atoms with Shakespeare. And when a human steps on a planet light-years from here and a century from now -- that person will have one billion of your atoms in him or her and one billion of the atoms from every person you know. Related to most recent common ancestor or MRCA Wikipedia talks about
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Alfred Hawthorn Hill better known as Benny Hill was a prolific English comic actor and singer best known for his television programme -The Benny Hill Show-. He was born in Southampton England in 1924 and died in 1992. This wishing well sketch was one of his most popular -- employing the common theme of an older man chasing a scantily-clad younger woman -- with a final Bennie Hill twist of course...
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Cut cheese. Pass gas. Cell phone or Toot tone. From Wikipedia -- Fart is an English language vulgarism most commonly used in reference to flatulence. The word -fart- is generally considered unsuitable in a formal environment by modern English speakers and it may be considered vulgar or offensive in some situations. Fart can be used as a noun or a verb. The immediate roots are in the Middle English words ferten feortan or farten which is akin to the Old High German word ferzan. Cognates are found in old Norse Slavic and also Greek and Sanskrit. The word -fart- has been incorporated into the colloquial and technical speech of a number of occupations including computing.
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Idiot in race is given a snowmobile known in some places as snowmachine snowsled or Bombardier Ski-Doo commonly propelled by a continuous track or tracks at the rear and steered by skiis at the front. Wikipedia definition.
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Talking to the ocean mammals using orchestra concert instruments. Commercial advert for whalesong. All cetaceans including whales and dolphins are descendants of land-living mammals the Artiodactyl order containing the hippopotamus as an even-toed ungulate relative. Whales are closest living relatives of hippos evolving from common ancestor around 54 million years ago from Wikipedia. Iniciando una conversacion. -When it comes to conversation anything is possible.- Sydney Australia. SingTel Optus Pty Limited. Singapore Telecommunications.
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Take your common everyday lawnmower and add a little extra... More than for groundskeeping... Tondeuse a gazon de vol d-aviation. Luftfahrtflug-Rasenmaher. Cortacespedes de cesped del vuelo de la aviacion.
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French football or soccer goes wrong in this sketch wind up. Balagan was a type of travelling theatre troop common during the 18th to early 20th centuries in Russia. Balagan as a theatre genre combined elements of commedia dell-arte and French street performance.
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Which common nine letter word in the English language is still a word when each of the nine letters is removed one by one. Take a few minutes to try and come up with a nine letter word that fits the bill -- then watch the attached video.
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