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Graham Norton BBC Show features joke from Hoffman including Omar Shariff-s mustache and Bridget Bardot-s muff...
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Frightening. And almost funny. Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC. American Broadcasting Corporation.
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Sometimes when a Muslim or Moslem plays golf he starts out unlucky but then his luck changes in this humourous windup from the BBC Omid Djalili Show. Arab or Persian or Iranian oil baron in the making.
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Humour from US Northern neighbors. CBC Television is a Canadian television network owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation according to Wikipedia.
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57 Chevrolet pickup is fastest Chevy in the world 400 kmh 300 mph 2500 horsepower HP. kilometers per hour. miles per hour. Non-stock GMC General Motors Car. SuperShockwave truck two Pratt and Whitney J-34-48 jet engines. Les Shockley-s Jet Powered Shockwave Show.
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