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Wow. That guy can REALLY make his trick shots on the court. Most likely Turkish team. Possibly filmed in Istanbul or Ankara.
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Plastic Surgery Surgeon did really good job. Kid is too ugly to be my child. Law and court in China awards him one hundred thousand dollars in Chinese yuan. Was it really my kid. One more fun Internet urband legend that is not probably not true...
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Extreme Sports. Motocross riders display incredible jumps and aerial feats in China as part of Red Bull X Fighters Freestyle World Tour. Deportes extremos. Pilotos de Motocross mostraran saltos increibles y hazanas aereas en China como parte del Red Bull X Fighters Freestyle World Tour. Sports extremes. Pilotes de motocross affichent des sauts incroyables et exploits aeriens en Chine dans le cadre du Red Bull X Fighters Freestyle World Tour. Extremsport. Motocross-Fahrer zeigen unglaubliche Sprunge und Antenne Kunststucke in China als Teil der Red Bull X Fighters Freestyle World Tour. Translations courtesy of Microsoft Bing Translator.
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2016 Gay Pride on New York City Fifth Avenue was double celebration for gay marriage. Stephen Colbert makes fun of dissenting Supreme Court justices
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Humour. Petro. Turban. Erdolbenzin Araberstimmung. Humor del arabe de la gasolina del petroleo. Humeur d-Arabe d-essence de petrole. Courtoisie de traduction de Yahoo BabelFish.
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Trabalho da laje de cimento no tempo real. Exige o trabalho real da equipe. Travail dalle en de beton en temps reel. Il exige le vrai travail d-equipe. Concrete slab work in real-time. It requires real team work. Betonplattearbeit in der Realzeit. Sie erfordert reale Mannschaftarbeit. Lavoro della lastra di cemento armato in tempo reale. Richiede il lavoro reale della squadra. Trabajo del bloque de cemento en tiempo real. Requiere el trabajo verdadero del equipo. Pascal Paoli. 2008 - Mali. Republique du Mali is a landlocked nation in Western Africa. Mali is the seventh largest country in Africa according to Wikipedia On-Line Encyclopedia. Translation courtesy of Yahoo Alta Vista Babelfish. Cement Hormigonado Con Bomba
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When you get a traffic ticket be courteous and obey the peace officer and definitely do not put your car in reverse so you hit the policeman-s car.
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Segment in airline terminal as troops return probably from Iraq courtesy of Annehauser-Busch patriotic salute.
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Australian satire about a cargo ship with 20000 tonnes of oil where the front end of the ship fell off. Typical and funny TV news video clip courtesty of droll British humour.
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