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Before and after with -The Diamonds- great musical act. The Diamonds were a Canadian quartet of the 1950s and early 1960s who rose to prominence performing mostly cover versions of songs by black musicians. According to Wikipedia.
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Silly windup advert for U.S. American insurance company. Aflac provides supplemental insurance for individuals and groups to help pay benefits your major medical insurance does not cover. American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus Georgia.
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Ellen Stofan -- NASA Chief Scientist -- states that alien life will be discovered within our lifetime. We are on the verge in finding life on another planet. But not little green men -- just little green microbes... CNN -Inside Edition-
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Man has a surprising early morning kitchen accident and discovers he needs first aid from cooking breakfast. Hombre tiene un accidente de cocina sorprendente temprano en la manana y descubre que necesita primeros auxilios de cocina desayuno. Homem tem um acidente de cozinha surpreendente do inicio da manha e descobre que ele precisa de primeiros socorros de cozinhar o pequeno-almoco. Man heeft een verrassend vroeg in de ochtend keuken ongeval en ontdekt dat hij moet eerste hulp van het ontbijt koken. Man heeft een verrassend vroeg in de ochtend keuken ongeval en ontdekt dat hij moet eerste hulp van het ontbijt koken. Man hat einen uberraschend fruh-Kuche-Unfall und erkennt- dass er erste Hilfe vom Kochen Frühstück braucht. Uomo ha un sorprendente mattino cucina incidente e scopre che ha bisogno di pronto soccorso da cucina colazione. Advert from Sun Herald Sydney Australia
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Discover the power of TV advertizing at TV. Where brands get their breaks.
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Whether a Boeing C-17 can really take off from a field is answered in this video -- until the dustcloud completely covers the cameraman.
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Smoking cigarettes can kill and just who might end up dead is illustrated in this video. Rauchende Zigaretten konnen toten und gerade wer oben absolut beenden konnten wird in diesem Video veranschaulicht. Le sigarette di fumo possono uccidere ed appena chi potrebbero concludersi in su completamente e illustrato in questo video. Les cigarettes de tabagisme peuvent tuer et juste qui pourraient finir vers le haut completement est illustre dans cette video. De rokende sigaretten kunnen doden en enkel wie omhoog volkomen zou kunnen beeindigen is geillustreerde in deze video.
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Manhole Cover Explosion Knocks Man To The Ground. Xiangtan China. Things went horribly wrong when a father of 2 young children lit a firecracker and dropped it down inside a manhole cover. CCTV - China Central Television. Chinese Man krijgt oerknal mangat Cover explosie stoten Man op de grond. Xiangtan China. Dingen ging vreselijk mis toen een vader van 2 kinderen een firecracker verlicht en binnen een putdeksel daalde. Chinesischer Mann ruft Urknall Manhole Cover Explosion klopft Man auf den Boden. Xiangtan China. Dinge ging schrecklich schief- als Vater von 2 kleinen Kindern ein Kracher beleuchtet und sank innerhalb einer Kanaldeckel. Chinese Man obtient Big- Bang Manhole couverture Explosion frappe homme au sol. Xiangtan Chine. Choses ont horriblement mal tournes quand un pere de 2 jeunes enfants allume un petard et il est tombe vers le bas a l-interieur d-une plaque d-egout. Uomo cinese ottiene Big Bang Manhole Cover esplosione urti uomo a terra. Xiangtan Cina. Le cose sono andato terribilmente male quando un padre di 2 bambini piccoli acceso un petardo e sceso all-interno di un tombino. Homem chines Obtem Big Bang tampa de bueiro explosao homem bate no chao. Xiangtan China. As coisas ficaram terrivelmente erradas quando um pai de 2 filhos jovens acendeu um fogo de artificio e ele caiu dentro de uma tampa de bueiro. Gracas a Microsoft Bing Translator.
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Humour in front of the boob tube with doube entre. According to Wikipedia a double entendre or adianoeta with second meaning often risque inappropriate or ironic...
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Wall of lead or supersonic metal spear gun firepower demonstration from Metal Storm. Automatic 4 barrel gun. Also demo of explosive shells on firing range. Repeated fire mechanized by electronic ignition firing could be armor piercing. as featured on Discovery Channel.
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