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James Bond Pierce Brosnan takes a wild ride in a rickshaw taxi for a credit card somewhere in the Pacific Rim perhaps Singapore Malaysia Thailand or Cambodia to meet with a beautiful woman of course. Ian Fleming-s series continues to live in this Visa advert.
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British soldiers camp it up to the tune of -Is this the way to Amarillo-. Per Wikipedia On 13 May 2005 another spoof video of the song made by the United Kingdom Royal Dragoon Guards stationed in Iraq was emailed so frequently it crashed a server at the UK Ministry of Defence. The -Peter Kay- character credited as -Lucky Pierre- refer to gay sex.
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The guy in the closet an affair to remember. Great story in French that the husband actually believes... Groot verhaal in het Frans dat de echtgenoot gelooft. GroBe Geschichte auf franzosisch dem Ehemann glaubt. Grande storia in francese che il marito crede. Grande historia em frances que o marido acredita. Gran historia en frances que el marido cree. L-affaire de cabinet.
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Tom Hanks is a Hollywood good guy. He lost his credit card in the NYC New York City. Tim -- another nice guy -- wrote Tom on Twitter -- saying he wanted to return the missing credit card. Maybe karma. What goes around comes around...
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Spoiled brats and idiots are being addressed by stand-up comedian Louis C.K. Conan O-Brien-s Tonight Show guest makes us aware of the amazing times in which we live. Before they could not imagine beyond a rotary phone to a cordless or cell phone. No answering machine or voice mail. No ATM Automated Teller Machines and no credit or debit cards and no automated loans. We fly with high-speed internet on a plane. Conan is a Harvard Graduate.
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New gym machine acting badly. Nueva maquina de la gimnasia que acta malo. La nouvelle machine de gymnastique agit mauvaise. La nouvelle machine de gymnastique agit mauvaise. Citibank Credit Card commercial advert.
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