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Comedian recounts trying interaction with airline when luggage returns - well - quite damaged...
Added: 4062 days ago by caesarh
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Iran Air Boeing 767-300ER Airliner with nose gear problem en route from Moscow to Tehran managed a perfect belly landing with minimal damage due to flight crew great skills. Verkehrsflugzeug der Iran-Luft-Boeing-767-300ER mit Bugfahrwerkproblem auf dem Weg von Moskau zu Teheran handhabte eine vollkommene Bauchlandung mit dem minimalen Schaden wegen der groBen Fahigkeiten der Flugzeugbesatzung. L-avion de ligne de Boeing 767-300ER d-air de l-Iran avec le probleme de train avant en route de Moscou a Teheran a controle un atterrissage de ventre parfait avec des dommages minimaux dus qualifications d-equipage des aeronefs a de grandes. El avion de pasajeros de Boeing 767-300ER del aire de Iran con problema del engranaje de nariz en el camino de Moscu a Tehran manejo un aterrizaje sobre la panza perfecto con el dano minimo debido habilidades del equipo de vuelo a las grandes. Translation compliments of Yahoo BabelFish.
Added: 2665 days ago by caesarf
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Watch ocean tsunami generated by earthquake in slow motion. Regardez le tsunami de l-ocean genere par le tremblement de terre au ralenti. Tsunami en el oceano reloj generado por terremoto en camara lenta. Ozean Tsunami erzeugt durch Erdbeben in Zeitlupe zu sehen. Guarda tsunami oceano generato dal terremoto al rallentatore. Grazie Gracias Merci Thanks to Microsoft Bing Translator.
Added: 1385 days ago by cesara
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F-16 vs Bird. This is footage from cockpit of F-16. Cool reaction and professionalism of two pilots including cockpit transmission with video. A -Bird Strike- as seen through the Heads Up Display or HUD. You can see bird flash by just prior to impacting engine and hear aircraft voice warning system ... evidently there was too much damage from the bird strike and they had to eject. They ran the Emergency Checklist - made two relight attempts - and picked out a plowed field for landing. ...The video continues until impact -- even after they both eject.
Channels Military News Tech
Added: 4058 days ago by caesarh
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Outrageous Nippon TV show features sexy women with -- generous features...
Added: 3359 days ago by cesara
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With a busty buxom sexy breasted art student he loses it... In this windup sketch
Channels Sports Comedy
Added: 3359 days ago by cesara
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You need to open your own locked luggage because you forgot or lost key. Here is a simple technique that will not damage your bags after your flight...
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Added: 1326 days ago by caesarn
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Watch out for this fan because this fan waaay too powerful.
Channels Comedy Business
Added: 3386 days ago by cesara
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Poor food server seems to drop the food all over her customers but...
Added: 3386 days ago by cesara
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