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National Rifle Association-s Board member anti-Democrat supports 2nd Ammendment in discussion with Evan Smith Editor Texas Monthly arch-conservative right wing. Suggests that all should carry concealed weapons for killing or protection and may be a very anti-overwhelming pro-Gun lobby pawn.
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Bob Hope stars in this black and white sketch bashing a certain American political party and its politicians...
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Regarding drilling and polluting California coastlines. Cost of Gasoline falls into right wing political Agenda Maxine Waters in this clip captured by the US conservatives Los Angeles liberal politician talks about socializing oil if prices skyrocket. Blaming Democrats for oil price hikes. Fox News presentation of course.
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Puppy dog tricks...
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Al Franken of Minnesota and MN Democrats accused of manipulating election by right wing and Bill O-Reilly. The Young Turks or TYT discuss situation and accused election fraud.
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1888PressRelease Paul Chehade is a believer of the practical and democratic values of prudence hard work education honesty spiritual development self-governing institutions and opposes to authoritarianism both political and religious based on scientific and tolerant values of the Enlightenment
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Representative Hank Johnson Democrat from Georgia questions -authoritatively- about the U.S. territory of Guam. Warner Brothers Looney Tunes. Guam is an organized unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean. It is one of five U.S. territories with an established civilian government. Thanks Wikipedia.
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Red State Election update. Rated PG for language. Funny Democrat bashing. Demo-s just pick a candidate already...Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
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Silly ass jackass laughs and honks. Making fun of the Demo-s by Pro-Republican propaganda.
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Democrats are the target of Ronald Reagan humour.
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