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Husband laments day
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Added: 3790 days ago by caesarh
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You won the lottery. This is GREAT. Call your parents but oh wait a second... And call your boss... French subtitles. Surprise fausse de gagnants de loterie. Mais ce qui se produit vraiment. Appelez peut-etre votre patron. Et entretien a votre amie. Merci pour traduction de BabelFish.
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Added: 2813 days ago by caesarf
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So what you give to that whiny woman who is always criticizing you is answered here. Entitled -Merry Christmas Bitch- and you will see why... This solution seems to be so much more final and cleaner than a divorce in this humourous windup.
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Added: 3363 days ago by caesarf
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At the Race Track or Hippodrome. What happens when you name horses using those words that come up during a contentious marital break up. The Honeymoon is over marriage vows domestic bliss drinking heavily morgated up the ass I don-t give a sh-t. the f-cking house I f-cked your brother. Up Yours. I am out of here. Keep the F-cking House.
Added: 2342 days ago by caesarg
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Demonstration that two people once joined in marriage or life partnership cannot be separated.
Added: 3300 days ago by caesarf
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Silly Canadian spoof on Discovery Channel science nature story supposedly from National Film Board of Canada. Comedic study of effects of psychoactive drugs in Hinterland including divorce caused by alcohol crack caffeine marijuana pot THC. From
Added: 3556 days ago by caesarh
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Are you sure you as a man want to go thru with this is answered. Les hommes doivent regarder dehors ou devraient-ils nous essayent de mettre cette substance. Manner mussen heraus schauen oder sollten wir versuchen dieses Material abzufullen. Los hombres necesitan mirar hacia fuera o deben nosotros intentan embotellar esta materia. Gli uomini devono osservare fuori o dovrebbero noi provano ad imbottigliare questo roba. Grazie a Yahoo BabelFish per la traduzione.
Added: 2587 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Married women need courses in becoming better at putting his needs first. Who cares what Oprah says. High-priced hookers.
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Added: 2276 days ago by caesarf
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