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Saving money by hacking into a battery but is this a gag. Yes. From or Does it really have 32 AA batteries.
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Plastic Surgery Surgeon did really good job. Kid is too ugly to be my child. Law and court in China awards him one hundred thousand dollars in Chinese yuan. Was it really my kid. One more fun Internet urband legend that is not probably not true...
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This is world-s most costly advertisement and the winner of last year-s best advert of the world. It took 606 takes and re-takes to make at a cost of 6.2 million dollars for this 90 second commercial using Honda car parts...could probably make a movie for that. Everything is real with no graphics used and still look at the precision. The team that made this commercial won many awards.
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Let us say that we put public services up for sale and then we decide how many pounds dollars peso cents shillings sheckels to pay... United Kingdom Britian humour.
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You and I and other taxpayers paid for this Washington DC boondoggle. Murtha-s Earmarks Keep Airport Aloft. State-of-the-Art Pennsylvania Facility Sees Few Travelers but Lots of Funding -- 200 million dollars.
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The Seabreacher is the latest must-have toy for people who play hard - especially on the water for only 85000 dollars. Push the limits - take it to the new extreme. Take boating to a whole new level when you jump out of the water - just like a shark. The pilot and passenger sit comfortably in a fully enclosed watertight cockpit. Empujar los limites- llevarlo al extremo nuevo. Tomar paseos en bote a un nivel completamente nuevo cuando salta fuera del agua- como un tiburon. Gracias a Microsoft Bing traductor. Sprengen Sie die Grenzen -- auf die neue Spitze zu nehmen. Bootfahren auf ein ganz neues Niveau- wenn Sie aus dem Wasser--genau wie ein Hai springen zu nehmen. Dank Microsoft Bing Translator. Repousser les limites - apportez-le a l-extreme de nouveau. Prendre le bateau a un tout autre niveau quand vous sautez hors de l-eau--tout comme un requin. Grace a Microsoft Bing Translator. Thanks to Microsoft Bing Translator. Crazy Lyrics- by Gnarls Barkley from TV show -St. Elsewhere-. I remember when I lost my mind. NBC American drama TV series 1982 thru 1988. Series starred teaching doctors at Bost hospital. Produced by MTM Enterprises.
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Biased representation of Obama-s financial bail-out package to get the US economy out of deep near-depression. Uses Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
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Claims that US AID dollars are being used to save Muslim Islam Arabic Egyptian mosques...
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When you become rich you can host yacht parties but also... Become a Mario Brother or a Super Hero. Wear your wedding dress anywhere. Make it rain -- cheese. From BuzzFeed.
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