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School of Dolphins
Added: 3227 days ago by cesara
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Very impressive intelligence is evidenced by the porpoise. Learns to imitate a human in the water even when it find it necessary to improvise...
Channels Animals News Tech
Added: 1961 days ago by cesara
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Talking to the ocean mammals using orchestra concert instruments. Commercial advert for whalesong. All cetaceans including whales and dolphins are descendants of land-living mammals the Artiodactyl order containing the hippopotamus as an even-toed ungulate relative. Whales are closest living relatives of hippos evolving from common ancestor around 54 million years ago from Wikipedia. Iniciando una conversacion. -When it comes to conversation anything is possible.- Sydney Australia. SingTel Optus Pty Limited. Singapore Telecommunications.
Array Cetacia
Added: 3486 days ago by caesarg
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Dolphin decides to play -- body slam a surfer in Manhattan Beach California USA Los Angeles LA Porpoise Marine mammal
Added: 1188 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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