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Woman needs to to order at the library in this zany silly demonstration of clueless...
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Trump seems not-so-presidential as he refuses to take a news organization question supposedly because they generate -fake news-...
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Hillary Clinton supposedly had chemo-therapy just prior to her debate with the other presidential candidate Donald Trump
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Tim Wilson admits he is tired of... Oprah - Mel Gibson - Dr. Phil - Paris Hilton - Raymond - Barry Bonds - Lance Armstrong - Donald Trump - Angelia and Brad - Bush etc. but he admits he could be wrong... Fed up with...
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Il va pecher avec McDonald et le monstre apparait- et alors il est temps pour l-inviter a pecher aussi. Er geht Fischen mit McDonald und das Monster erscheint- und dann ist es Zeit- um ihr auch Fischen einladen. El va a pescar con McDonald y el monstruo aparece y entonces es el momento para invitarla a pescar tambien. He goes fishing with McDonald and the monster appears and then it is time to invite her to fish also. Bing Translator.
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Your report card came today. You did really well. Let-s go for some McDonald-s. I-m loving it. Baren mag auch Hamburgern und Pommes frites. Ours aiment trop les hamburgers et des frites de francais. Osos como hamburguesas y papas fritas tambien. Ursos como hamburgueres e batatas fritas muito. Beren zoals hamburgers en Franse frietjes. Bears like hamburgers and french fries too. Orsi come hamburger e patatine fritte troppo. Bing Translator.
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Who might be working at a Taco Bell or Del Taco or McDonald-s seems to be answered in this video that features a well-known American late night time comedy talk host.
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Donald Trump as a young man discusses what he believes xenophobic view of Japanese and Kuwait Arabs Middle East Oil from years ago from this 1988 YouTube interview by Oprah Winfrey
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She does not like his fishing but soon she will never forget the next time they go fishing in this commercial advert for McDonald-s American Corp world-s largest hamburger originally from San Bernadino California according to Wikipedia.
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