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Two men stop for a bier. It is time for an emergency landing for a little more alcool.
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United State Air Force emergency response at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. From United States Military Pentagon Channel -
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Older driver gets in way of emergency jet landing on Los Angeles California 405 freeway also known as the San Diego Freeway found in Los Angeles and Orange Counties
Added: 4195 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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F-16 vs Bird. This is footage from cockpit of F-16. Cool reaction and professionalism of two pilots including cockpit transmission with video. A -Bird Strike- as seen through the Heads Up Display or HUD. You can see bird flash by just prior to impacting engine and hear aircraft voice warning system ... evidently there was too much damage from the bird strike and they had to eject. They ran the Emergency Checklist - made two relight attempts - and picked out a plowed field for landing. ...The video continues until impact -- even after they both eject.
Channels Military News Tech
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Emergency Landing. King Air Gear Up May 5 2006. Low pass test but this time for real. Fulton County Airport Atlanta Georgia as recorded on CNN Cable News Network Turner Broadcasting System. WAGA.
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Southeast Asia coppers stop to check out incident.
Channels News Medical Crime
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Stay Calm - Dad. 911 999 Emergency Phone Call. Five year old Savannah shows she is really responsible child... with Dad-s first time heart attack. Coronary Thrombosis Infarcation
Channels News Medical
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In 2012 Belgium TNT Television Launch We Know Drama by dramatic events in a quiet town square suddenly transformed - bikini - muscle - motorbike - American football - emergency vehicle. In 2012 omgezet Belgie TNT televisie lanceren We weten Drama door de dramatische gebeurtenissen in een rustige plein plotseling - bikini - spier - motor - American football - ambulance noodhulp voertuig. Im Jahr 2012 verwandelt Belgien TNT starten wir wissen Fernsehendrama durch dramatische Ereignisse in einen ruhigen Platz plotzlich - Bikini - Muskel - Motorrad - American-Football - Krankenwagen Einsatzfahrzeug. En 2012 Belgica TNT television lanzamiento nos sabe Drama por dramaticos acontecimientos en una plaza tranquila de repente transformado musculo - bikini - moto - futbol americano - vehiculos de emergencia ambulancia. En 2012 Belgique TNT dramatiques televisees de lancer nous savent que les evenements dramatiques sur une place paisible bourgade transforme soudainement muscle - bikini - - motorbike - football americain - vehicule de secours ambulance. Nel 2012 Belgio TNT Televisione lanciare We Know Drama da eventi drammatic in una piazza tranquilla cittadina trasformato improvvisamente muscolo - bikini - - moto - football americano - veicolo di emergenza ambulanza. Em 2012 Belgica TNT lancar nos sabe Drama televisivo pelos acontecimentos dramaticos em uma praca tranquila de repente transformado musculo - biquini - moto - futebol americano - veiculo de ambulancia de emergencia. Turner Network Broadcasting Television System based in Atlanta Georgia USA.
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