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Watch the bottom of this building as the edifice destruction - demolition crew brings it down in one fell swoop... Vernieling van een gebouw. Demolition d-un batiment. Demolierung eines Gebaudes. Demolizione di una costruzione. Demolicao de um edificio. Demolicion de un edificio. Gracias Thanks to Yahoo BabelFish. Precise Building Demolition. Edifice is demolished without a problem using explosives.
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Sheep ranchers in Australia became worried over the possible long-term effects of cracking shale with explosives or fracking for gas in the Aussie State of Victoria. They devised a unique means of protesting -- asking them to ban fracking for gas -- by arranging thousands of sheep to spell out their message to Ban Gas...
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Batiment de 12 etages entoures d-autres grands edifices avec des explosifs dans la sequence de destruction parfaitement chronometre. Merci Bing Translator. 12 Geschichten 12 Stockwerke abgerissen ist umgeben von anderen groBBen Bauwerke mit Sprengstoff in tadellos zeitgesteuerte Zerstorung Sequenz erstellen. Dank Bing Translator. Edificio 12 historias es demolido 12 pisos rodeados de otros edificios altos con explosivos en secuencia de destruccion perfectamente cronometrado. Gracias Bing traductor. Building 12 stories 12 floors is demolished surrounded by other tall edifices with explosives in perfectly timed destruction sequence. Thanks Bing Translator.
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What would you do for fun if you were in Hamas and had explosives and construction tools is illustrated in this zany and somewhat scary video... Sledgehammer explosions by Palestinian Islamic Socio-Polication organization or movement often regarded as radical and terrorist.
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