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-Lock Bumping- uses fake keys. From Memphis TV station.
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Added: 4013 days ago by caesarh
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Trump seems not-so-presidential as he refuses to take a news organization question supposedly because they generate -fake news-...
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Added: 717 days ago by caesarf
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Uh oh. Not enough or too much woman. Fake woman featured. Silly song.
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Added: 2842 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Arch-Conservative photos that may be faked or done using Special Effects in order to embarrass the American President. More Politicking by the Extreme Right.
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Added: 3395 days ago by caesarf
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Richard Simmons appears on Drew Careys TV show. Per Wikipedia... -Whose Line Is It Anyway?- sometimes abbreviated to Whose Line or WLIIA is a short-form improvisational comedy TV show. Originally a British radio programme it later moved to television as a series made for Britains Channel 4 before being produced in the US as well. The show consists of a panel of four performers and comedians who create characters scenes and songs on the spot in the style of short-form improvisation games. Topics for the games are based on either audience suggestions or predetermined prompts from the host. Both the British and the American shows take the form of a fake game show in which the host arbitrarily assigns points and randomly chooses a winner at the end of each episode.
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Added: 4058 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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This video is probably a clever fake -- special effects. It is a very scary video involving a small child and a cobra.
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Added: 3709 days ago by caesarf
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Three Japanese Kayakers record Killer Whale smashing into them. Probably a fake or joke or wind up.
Added: 3826 days ago by cesara
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