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Funny story keeps you distracted after this great magician Bill Malone uses false cuts and shuffles to make generate this great cardtrick.
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Some -facts- that we have heard that are actually not true. Those so-called facts are corrected by BuzzFeed Buzz60. Tang drink NASA Astronaut facts. Cell phone in aircraft facts. Apple Garden of Eden. Great Wall of China. Five human senses.
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David Jones of Seffner Florida USA argues that Target department stores mislead him and others by advertising a 1080p LCD HDTV but not having it in stock. Reported by WTSP USA Today. A Garrnett Company.
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And what about senior teeth and the tooth fairy... Comedie de dent. Zahnkomodie. Commedia del dente. Comedia de los dientes. Comedia sobre os dentes. Komedie over tanden.
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