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FedEx advert comedy sketch. -Castaway- the movie ends with a question. The lead Chuck Nolan or Tom Hanks is cast away in this 2000 movie. Director Robert Zemeckis writer William Broyles Jr. 20th Century Fox. But oh no -- now we find out what was in the package...
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Illustrates why a GP physician really does need to fully explain how to use your inhaler correctly. Perfuma.
Channels Comedy Medical
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Regarding drilling and polluting California coastlines. Cost of Gasoline falls into right wing political Agenda Maxine Waters in this clip captured by the US conservatives Los Angeles liberal politician talks about socializing oil if prices skyrocket. Blaming Democrats for oil price hikes. Fox News presentation of course.
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Interesting method of getting food in the Arctic perhaps Japanese fox
Channels Animals Comedy
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This time from Comedy Central. The stewardess tells us that the air carrier is going to charge me for what or what won-t it charge me for is more like it... Comedy wind up sketch. MADtv is an American sketch comedy television series that first aired on the US American FOX station then continued to the Comedy Central American channel. It licenses the name and logo of Mad magazine but has no other affiliation according to Wikipedia.
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Anti-immigration spiel from outspoken very conservative radio announcer personality. Sometimes accused of being the leader of the Republican GOP party. But for a time he was unable to dodge controversy about prescription drug use - addiction and making fun of Michael J. Fox.
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Fox News claims that Somalis in Minnesota are pushing for Islamic Law Sharia Law in places like Target stores and other places. Somalian folks are evidently attempting to bring their culture to the Twin Cities or other areas. Khat Illegal Drug.
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Smells like... European football or soccer sports in Spanish. Fox Deportes en Espanol.
Channels Sports Comedy
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