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Franklin Delano Roosevelt hits everyone... Political Satire
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History fact or fiction is recorded in this silliness from BuzzFeed. Roman Vomitorium. Christopher Columbus flat earth. Benjamin Franklin. Lightning and Electricity. Myths regarding the following -- Vikings. Pasta. Marco Polo. Napoleon. Moors or Morros.
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Franklin-s Flying Circus Presents The World-s Only Motorcycle to Airplane Transfer. Grand arret d-aviation avec le transfert d-avion de moto. GroBe Luftfahrtbremsung mit Motorradflächeubertragung. Gran truco de la aviacion con transferencia del plano de la motocicleta. Dank Yahoo BabelFish.
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BuzzFeed presents updates to history. Like Marco Polo. Christopher Columbus. Napoleon. Benjamin Franklin and lightning and electricity. And the truth about the vomitorium. And where pasta really came from -- not China -- but the Arab Moors...
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Not yet rated Ben Whabnoski. Great pilot gag stunt wind up aviator. Stuntpiloten Kyle Franklin spiller Ben Whabnoski. En temmelig bedugget publikummer som bestemmer seg for a sjele et fly og forsoke seg bak. Grande conluio piloto do aviador. Grote proefvliegeniersstunt. Grand arret pilote d-aviateur. Grande prodezza pilota dell-aviatore. GroBe Versuchsfliegerbremsung. Gran truco experimental del aviador. Traduccion por BabelFish. Copyright 2009 Franklin-s Flying Circus and Airshow. Also Neosho Missouri and Ruidoso New Mexico and Amanda. World Airshow News.
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